Now that the coaching staff is completed, who has the better staff? I’d say the Bruins get the obvious edge at offensive coordinator with Noel Mazzone over Clay Helton (and Lane Kiffin). Defensive coordinator is more of a toss-up especially with Jim Mora’s defensive background.

The offensive line could spark a greater debate (Adrian Klemm v. Mike Summers). Maybe USC gets the edge at defensive line (Ed Orgeron v. Angus McClure).

Any thoughts?

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  • N.M

    UCLA- there 1st year staff made major improvements from the dreaded Slick Rick era, plus recruited well.

    • New Hassle had a crash and burn run, but two things:

      1) he had NO QB’s for the whole time he coached but had the class to preserve Hundley’s red shirt even though we were desperate for a QB…he kept Hundley on the bench knowing it probably cost him his only chance to save job. Classy!

      2) NewHassle is welcome to any UCLA event and is still loved by all the Alums…he has handled his firing and heaps praise on Mora like a true gentleman. in fact his approach should be used as a model for canned coaches everywhere!! (in contrast to Kiff who is hated by Raiders, Tenn Vols, and Southern Cal (after he is fired next year)

      • AD

        FYI – Coach Neuheisel is not really well thought of in Colorado or Washington. Maybe time has healed but the venom coming from those places when he left was pretty intense and nearly as intense as Tennessee’s hatred for Kiffin. I would guess Neuheisel is probably the better man but I do not know any of them personally.

      • lifetime Bruin Fan

        WELL SAID.

      • Cheap seats

        He’s as classy as they come and was even carried off the practice field before the Pac-12 champ game after he was fired.

        However, he was too soft on the players and tried scheming around weaknesses that could’ve been fixed at the root. The pistol offense was the ultimate blunder…with Norm Chow?? And Prince running the Pistol? On the other hand, Mora immediately set the tone by getting on seniors for skipping practice on senior day.

      • rusoviet

        Nah he’s schemed like he)) to get that bore Dorrell sacked that’s what ‘slick rick’ did you just like you – some moron who spends all day on an opponent’s blog site because traffic over in ‘white bread land’ is thin at best.

        Keep slinging your spin ‘tapette’

        • Ted

          white bread land?!? why you got to go there? Whites are the most discriminated race in america!!

          • rusoviet

            I know that – if campuses were switched i.e. USC is where UCLA is and UCLA is where USC is today – no one would attend UCLA

  • steveg

    you are comparing a staff with some time together and a HC that wants to be HC, with a brand new staff with a lot of unknowns and a HC that wants to be everything except what a HC should be, a leader. Any comparisons drawn at this point in time are similar to your preseason polls, all bullshit.

  • Ben Factor

    Pointless debate, don’t you think?