Another Spring Question

Will five defensive tackles be enough for practices? It better be because no one else is arriving in the fall unless the Trojans take a transfer. And the defensive end depth chart no longer includes Christian Thomas, who is off the roster and no longer in the program.

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  • steveg

    So we run a lot of 3-4 this year. The way I see it, you can only play one or two at a time. I see what you are saying about practices, and it looks like these guys will get a good workout. Maybe they will play a little pissed off this year.

    • gotroy22

      steveg, I have a question for you and other Trojan fans: If we are changing our defense up the middle to handle the spread won’t that leave us vulnerable when we play traditional offenses like Stanford that pound the ball between the tackles?

      • gillyking

        Hopefully vs the likes of Stanford, with our new attacking defense for a change, the LB’s will be plugging the gaps and hopefully our D line can get a push into the other side of the LOS, to frustrate or at least screw up those run game schemes.

        • gotroy22

          Gilly, will we switch to a DT and a NT when we go against teams like Stanford? Otherwise it’s hard to see where the push will be coming from.

          • gillyking

            CP indicated that he’d switch up from the 3-4 at times. I assume vs a primarily running opponnent, that would be logical. He will probably dedicate the front 7 to attacking the run game and trust the DB’s to cover man. We’ll learn how good our CB’s will be in a hurry lol. Just imho.

          • gotroy22

            Good info, thanks!

      • steveg

        I don’t think we are going to abandon the 4-3 or even the Tampa 2, but we are going to see new looks and it helps our players to get some rest they need at times.

  • marvgoux1

    Does anyone know what happened to Christian?

  • ThaiMex

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      • TrojanFamily

        Chuckles, why is the one fictional character of color you created both so seething with anger and so poorly versed in grammar and spelling? It is painfully tinged with racism. Why not try flipping the two characters as not to reinforce stereotypes? You could have the geekish Charles Bucket character be the one with seething anger and poor grammar, while the character of color perhaps makes reasoned arguments and attempts to be convincing.

        Just offering constructive criticism. Your fiction-writing skills show promise. I have high hopes for you.

        • ThaiMex

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        • grave soul

          If you are going to write about the virtues of proper grammar, then you should adopt said virtues in your own writing. I won’t describe your errors; judging from your past posts, you will simply correct them and pretend that you didn’t make any mistakes.

      • Jethro G Sabbath


        I thought the two of us were making some progress and now this?

    • steveg

      Any troll from jucla will always have a negative comment, that’s all you got. I write this after not reading what you said, because your bullshit never changes or ends.