USC Morning Buzz

Radio host Petros Papadakis did not like Lane Kiffin’s comments earlier this week that Matt Barkley would have won a Heisman Trophy if he had a better defense.

“Why call out the USC defense? What kind of head coach publically blames his own defense for the failures of his offensive stars?,” Papadakis said. “Linebackers Hayes Pullard and Lamar Dawson didn’t throw 15 picks. Barkley did.

“He’s so personally attached to the USC offense and so proud of it, that he cannot help himself from pointing the finger in the other direction when he senses media criticism.

“You’re the head coach of the whole team. It’s all yours.”

The full commentary is here and begins around the 14-minute mark.

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  • CharIes Bucket

    wolfman, you’ve…done it AGAIN!!

    another humiliating kick to Kiff’s crotch!!!

    how many kicks to the crotch can Kiff take before he leaves town on a rail???

    herh herh herh

    Taste it TROXANS!!!!

    • uh…..what i said!!!

      • rusoviet

        tapette …. you be de’ queen

        • is that good? it doesn’t sound too bad… does queen mean cool in cajun? yeah, i’m a HUGE QUEEN!!!

          • Cheap seats

            You need ThaiMex to respond. Is he within arms-reach?

          • rusoviet

            Man nuthin’ like a pack of whitebread west side pansies – -hey putz boy how ’bout you man up? Nah white bread pansies.

            Time for your patented war chant “You Clowns Lost Again!”

          • you be tellin’ me tapette!

          • betomas

            Who’s side are you on anyway? Confusing.

          • Cheap seats

            No beef. Rusoviet is obviously Bucket. He actually cracks me up and adds comic relief here.

          • TrojanFan

            Hey bucket, take a day off, maybe start a butt dart tournament up in the tree house….ouch!

    • TrojanFan

      Repeat from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

      Hey bucket, you need professional help, seriously!

  • steveg

    Geez, is Kiffin becoming more of a moron? Haden needs to put a gag on him, no speaking to the press, period. Irregardless what the trolls say, Fight On.

  • Screw Petros.

    • TrojanFan


  • Petros is right, but a narcissist like Kiffin always puts the blame elsewhere

    • TrojanFan

      Was your brain in focus when the defense was out on the field

  • Independent_George

    Petros is a douche, but he is right.

  • Bill

    If you are happy with Lame Kitten as your coach and bow down to him, so be it! I hope the Kitten stays on for a long time because it will mean 6-7 seasons with annual drubbings by the Bruins!
    Blame On!

  • AH! AH! AH!

    anozer humiliatink kick in zee crotch!

    Vulfman, you are burnink up like a wulcano!!

  • Cheap seats

    Does anyone disagree that the defense could’ve been better?

    I witnessed the Oregon game and I’ve never seen an SC defense just absolutely SHREDDED by an offense that had a freshman QB. They never forced a punt the entire game — they’d just march down the field and score easily. Majority of them as 70+ yard drives.

    Stats-wise, the offense only regressed slightly. Much of that had to do with lack of emphasis on the power running game, especially when Silas went down. With only injury-prone guys like McNeil and Morgan backing him up, Kiffin should’ve known better and got another guy — even if it was from a local JC.

    • steveg

      I have no doubts that the USC defense could have and should have been better. It was a matter of someone thinking outside his stale old box and listening to other coaches around him. The son was not about to second guess the dad either.

  • Cheap seats

    Why does Petros even have Wolf on his show? Wolf’s “inside knowledge” of SC happenings isn’t any greater than any of the posters on this blog.

    Max & Marcellus poke fun about the Dailynews anytime a story is reported.

    I heard that Bucket will be on the Petros & Money show. Anyone know when he will be on?

    • rusoviet

      After you’re through dancing together at the ‘Bunk House’ you’re both booked for that fruitopia fest at the bel-airian

      • Cheap seats

        I think Bucket’s segment was immediately after Wolf’s commercial where he backs a natural remedy to deal with erectile dysfunction.

        • rusoviet

          In your back end fruitboy? Huh johnnie whitebread? Hmmm just a layin’ around wit’ dat’ $1

          • Cheap seats

            I thought you were supposed to speak russian when you’re using this “character”?

  • jetman624

    He doesn’t really think this– Kiffin is just trying to help Barks’ draft stock. That is all.

  • betomas

    I agree with a lot of the comments. Petros is right on the Money with this one. Kiff would be a much better coach if he just “shut up his mouth” and worked hard on his coaching responsibilities.

    • TrojanFan

      I’m starting to think you’re a ruin troll in disguise

      • betomas

        Oh well, looks like you got me. Your vastly superior intelligence figured my ploy out, just like all the others that you accused of being undercover trolls (yet failed to provide proof of). I guess I’ve learned my lesson. I
        Now what uni did you attend again? Oh, not USC?? Cal Poly?? Hmmm, are you just trying to make the fans look bad with your ignorant comments, or are you just another Bandwagon rah rah sunshine pumping tool? Ever notice that you are the least popular commenter here?

        • Cheap seats

          What wrong with Cal Poly? That’s my alma mater!

          • betomas

            Nothing’s wrong with Cal Poly. What’s wrong is TFail with all of the crap he spews here, making SC and SC fans look bad.

          • TrojanFan

            You remind me of an outspoken vegetarian who secretly eats bacon, hypocrite!

          • TrojanFan


  • EncinitasBruin

    Petros has more class in his little pinky than Kiffin will ever have in his entire life. How about that paper-thin, porous offensive line that was hurt by lack of players on the depth chart?

  • TrojanFan

    Petros has turned into nothing but a hater, and some people like to drink his koolaid, you guys know who you are.