Bob Cantu Reaction

“It was definitely an exciting finish. We hung in there. (The seniors) have tremendous heart. They were leaders and supportive of everything.”

— USC coach Bob Cantu

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  • WOW!! Southen Cal sweeeeps the Arizona schools and NOT a PEEP of Support from bitter, angry, DUMB trOXans!!!

    just ’cause the Bruins left the trOXans and the Pious Passer crumpled in agony on the Rose Bowl turf, doesn’t mean you have to give up on LIFE!!!

    i must say also, that this latest marquee win CEMENTS Can’Do’s return next season!!! Bounce Pass has these kids BELIEVING they can bear ANYBODY!!!

    Bounce Pass will listen the kids, like a tired dad pulling over for ice cream with a van full of caterwauling brats!!!

    • rusoviet

      No life huh tapette?

      You’re a pathetic clown who hasn’t a thing to do but post here – it’s your entire identity – you’re an addicted blogger with nothing to care about but trashing USC – you’re an envious twerp and have nothing but what you are – a louse… a blood sucking infectious louse

      • won’t you tell us what a tappette is???

        and anyways, The COUNT is the blood sucker, not me.

        • Never use “anyways”. Hick

        • TrojanFamily

          Yes keep the troll’s fictional characters separate. You’ll confuse him.


      It has officially gone from being funny to being creepy

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Bucket, You been drinking?

      • yes, the sad state of trOXan nation has me desponent!

    • ThaiMex

      You’d think…with the effort put forth by the team, and them winning a few games against upper tier conference teams, TORGAN fans would turn out in support. FOUR THOUSAND PEOPLE….TOTAL….showed up for the tough game against Ariz St. (that includes all the free-bee’s). Nothing wrong with this years torgan Mens Basketball team. Torgan fans on the other hand, are pathetic whiners. “QUEER”, at best.
      fit on torgans

      • TrojanFamily

        Homophobic troll. Just sad.

      • Boring..

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      “caterwauling” How old are you?

    • NoMexicanMafiaHere

      CantDO!! hahaha .. classic

  • nard dog

    Smell my farts.

  • nard dog

    This blog sucks egg farts.

  • nard dog

    Farty fart fart.

  • nard dog

    Chlamydia juice.

  • ThaiMex

    This is the PERFECT rationale for NOT FIRING GOAT BOY mid season….Haden off’s O’Neil,,,shows him less respect than a Wino on Figueroa with a Paper bag wrapped bottle. After all the bitching and moaning by RAH RAH’s, you knuckleheads abandon the TEAM and ignore the Seniors who’ve busted their a$$es for what? Some tradition! Maybe you fools would have been happy if Haden had OFF’ED the Players along with Mr. Gin n’ Tonic? You really believe after this mess, the Football players are gonna buy into ANY Torgan Propaganda?
    you can’t spell SUCK without USC!
    Fit on torgan!

  • marvgoux1

    Bob Cantu should be hired to be the head coach. He’s revived a dead team and beat fucla. I see a bright future with him leading our team.