Winners And Losers Of The Week

Who’s up? Who’s down?


Lane Kiffin: The spin tour continued this week with a lengthy ESPN interview to again blame defense for team’s problems.

Robert Woods: Great combine lifts stock to become possible first-round pick.

Bob Cantu: Beats Arizona to add to his coaching resume.

USC women’s swim team: Has chance to win Pac-12 title tonight.

USC baseball: New coach Dan Hubbs off to a 9-3 start.


Defensive linemen Christian Heyward, DeVante Wilson and Christian Thomas: No longer on team reportedly because of academic issues.

Ed Orgeron: Lost three reserve linemen on team after losing all those defensive line commits on Signing Day.

Nickell Robey: Slow 40 time at combine hurts unless he makes it up at Pro Day.

The Galen Center: Will go dark this week as Pac-12 women’s basketball tournament takes place in Seattle.

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  • ScottWolfIsGarbage

    Does he realize the baseball team is 6-3? The other three “wins” were exhibition games #badjournalism

  • nard dog

    Farty fart farts. This blog still smells like farts. The Nard dog has spoken.

  • nard dog

    Wolfbag is always down cause he can’t get it up. Smell my egg farts, Wolfbag.

    • WingsHD

      If it’s that bad don’t read what he writes and don’t make comments worst then his.

      • nard dog

        The Nard dog says to learn how to write a proper sentence…and then smell his farts. The Nard dog has spoken.

        • Cheap seats

          It’s good to have the nard dog back.

          Some said you got banned.

  • JJ4SC

    The loser of every week is DBag Wolf.

  • Cheap seats

    Yeah…what was with Robey’s time? On the field, he never looked as slow as Starling and McDonald who recorded similar times!

  • ThaiMex

    Three FOUR STAR Guys FLUNKED OUT before Spring practice? So….Goat boy can tell just by looking in a recruits face whether or not the guy is Torgan material? What’s the sign that gives it all away? The DROOL BIB, or the recruits fixation on Cartoons? LIMBO U, where admission standards continue to go LOWER!.
    fit on flunky’s!!!

    • THAI, es en FUEGO, honbre!!

      (Thai you are on FIRE, man!!)

      memo to Mora: game plan for next season’s trOXan game…POUND THE BALL!!! our massive O-line is gonna pulverize the Agin’ Cajun’s puny D-line!! they sound thinner than Don Knotts!!! thin is definitely IN!!!

      fit on SKINNY MINNIES!!!

    • steveg

      Again, your bullshit never changes. Getting really old.

  • Golden Trojan

    How about the hiring of Randy Flores as pitching coach, is that a win or a loss for baseball Wolf? And that was some actual news to report on!