Quick Spring Practice Thought

What will best describe Lane Kiffin’s mood during spring practice: Eager, nervous or paranoid?

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  • What will best describe SW’s coverage of spring ball: lackluster, lazy, or lousy?

    • Golden Trojan

      D: All of the above.

  • James Carr

    Eager, nervous, and paranoid are the three words that describe you Scott Wolf when you are around women. And the one word that best describes your journalism skills is pitiful.
    We all know that you are a small time reporter working for a small time newspaper, and the only reason you come up with these trash topics is to try and make a name for yourself. But when are you going to realize that the best way to get your name out there is to establish some credible sources and actually print some real news for once.
    Yeah Kiffin had a bad year and hasnt proven he’s a good coach and who knows if he ever will, this is old and tired news which you seem to be stuck on because you have nothing better to talk about. Just walk away from the blog man, let someone else take over, and perhaps do something else with your petty existence.

    • Bill

      What is he supposed to do? Be Peter Arbogass, the radio announcer and in SuC fantasy land!!! If you are happy the Denny’s menu staring Lame Kitten, fight for his long contract extension! I hope that Haden does!

      You can’t sugar coat it at all. Lame Kitten took a “Number One Team” and ground them down to a point that they didn’t get a single vote in any of the polls! Meanwhile, he is deflating balls, getting punched out, and then he blames the defense for Barkley throwing picks!

  • TrojanFan

    Another post singling out Kiffin, lame. Get some new material and leave the guy alone, your whole blog revolves around him. We all know your dislike for Kiffin, but it’s turned into a personal obsession.

  • nard dog

    This blog sucks assholes. Wolfbag licks assholes. Suck my balls. The Nard dog has spoken.

  • TroyFan52

    Easy one here. Paranoid. But, Kiffin does what Kiffin wants. It’s on him to right this ship, but I don’t think he can….he has no humility and isn’t the least bit modest. Hence, I say he will be paranoid and say everyone is against him……and he might be right on that one….

  • dansteph@yahoo.com

    Time to go back to school and take a few Journalism courses Wolf.

  • paranoid and nervous he will be.

    fear he also has, i sense.

    a path to the Dark Side, fear is:

    fear leads to anger.

    anger leads to hate.

    hate leads to suuuuffering.

  • realtrojan

    Dazed and confused…

  • steveg

    how about “lost” for both LK and Wolf.