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Petros Papadakis doubled down on his criticism of USC following his initial editorial on Thursday about Lane Kiffin’s comments that Matt Barkley could have won the Heisman Trophy too if the defense was better.

“What really irks me . . . how come he never blamed the defense when his dad Monte was defensive coordinator?” Papadakis said Friday night. “We’re still hearing excuses to a certain degree . . . Lane’s history of bizarre episodes with the Raiders, Tennessee and USC have placed him in the media crosshairs.

“Some of the things (Kiffin) says I can’t explain.”

Papadakis said Kiffin should follow Ed Orgeron’s new motto, “turn the page.”

You can hear his full comments here at the top of the hour.

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  • dtksr1

    As best as I can guess, Lane Kiffin is an eternal optimist in that he is concerned about today & tomorrow and has little use for yesterday and its criticisms where it has already happened and there’s nothing that can be done about it. He puts little thought in his reaction to yesterday stuff when asked, because to him, it is irrevelent. Ask him something about today or tomorrow, and you will get a better answer most likely…

    • eternal optimist?? he looks oh man have you ever seen his sad sack mug on the sidelines, presser, practice?? the only time i ever saw this Danny Downer smile was when the the WOLFMAN used to ask him questions!!! and now he doesn’t even have THAT!!!

      • dtksr1

        Wolf got/gets better/intelligent answers from LK if it is about the now & today since you like to praise Scott whenever he goes after Kif. Just look back… when Kiffin is asked about the past, you get this blank stare, like, I don’t care about the past… what does this have to do with me & today? He thinks he will survive (that’s his optimism) in all this and that is where all his energy is dealing is. You mention his sideline demeanor? Kiffin is a gambler, a chance taker. He is sloppy when it comes to the safe play that doesn’t make sense to him. You could see that way back in the days when he was sitting next to Norm Chow in the press box encouraging him to throw deep instead of Chow wanting to “short pass-controll” the game. When Chow relented and the deep play got results, you saw Kiffin trying to high-five Chow! Another text-book clue to an eternal optimist. All Kiffin really does with his playcalling, is try setting up the big play. That’s why when a player got a penalty like offsides or illegal procedure, Kiffin got animated. He lost his set-up. Kiffin’s game management is full of set-ups for a big play. He is hopeless at the last minutes of a close game.

        • TrojanFan

          Bucket is nothing but a lame a$$ troll at has no life other than trolling this site 24/7, creepy! Trying to reason with the guy is worthless

        • good points, i sense.

          know your Kiff, you do.

  • another humiliating kick to Kiff’s crotch!! compliments of the WOLFMAN!!! assist to PETROS!!!

    Kiff must feel like it’s the movies Armageddon, 2012, Impact and Rocky IV all at once!!!

    you opened up ANOTHER can of WHOOOOOP-A$$!!! thanks for the GUMBALL, wolfman!!!

    whatta way to start my MONDAY!!! i may be old, but the wolfman makes me feel SO ALIVE!!! 23 SCADOOOO!!!

    • TrojanFan

      LAME!…..get a life!

    • Cheap seats

      Does Wolf charge you for rent? How’s the cost of contraceptions split (regardless of who’s on top) ?

      • you’re lowest shot…ever, that was.

  • sdog

    Early in the season, SC’s problems were a result of untimely penalties and turnovers. They seemed to correct the penalty problem but the turnover issue was never solved. That certainly put extra pressure on the defense however SC’s defense never was able to come up with the big stop. How many times did SC give up 3rd and long? That was certainly a major problem.

  • TrojanFan

    BORING…….Get some new material!

  • nard dog

    Smell my farts.

    • TrojanFan

      Bucket loves the aroma of a fresh fart!

  • Independent_George

    Petros is a douche.

    Wolf is a douche.

    Kiffin is a douche.

    There are no winners in this little saga.