Larry Scott’s Update On DirecTV Negotiations

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott met with reporters last weekend and was asked about if there was any news regarding the Pac-12 Network and DirecTV.

“No new news. There doesn’t seem to be traction at the moment but long term I have a lot of confidence in the product that we’re putting out there and that we’ve got over 50 distributors that are showing it, including four of the top five. It gives me a lot of confidence about the future.”

Scott’s full interview is here

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  • steveg

    Traction? WTF is that!! Larry Scott made a big mistake by going with his little network and not having the big boys all signed up prior to start up. It’s this guys arrogance in thinking he is bigger than life and that the carriers would all fold to his desires, and we are the losers in the whole deal. But, maybe if we get some TRACTION everything will come together, just wishful bullshit.