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Is this is a big spring for wide receiver George Farmer? Or is spring practice essentially irrelevant compared to training camp and the regular season?

Remember last spring how Lane Kiffin praised wide receiver De’von Flournoy but did not play him during the season.

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  • Kessler outplayed McFatty and Wittick last spring, but he never had a chance. So to answer your question, spring ball under Kiffin means nada

  • Kessler outplayed McFatty and Wittick last spring, but he never had a chance. So to answer your question, spring ball under Kiffin means nada

    • Independent_George

      Too small, arm not strong enough.

      Kiffin likes tall pocket passers, like Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart.

    • Cheap seats

      Kessler does seem like a more steady game manager. Why not run more of a WCO-style and move the chains with dink and dunk passes? Sure beats the stupid bubble screens.

  • You really cannot help yourself can you. Would you just grow up. Stop being such a P#@%k all the time.

    • He just pointed out what a puke Kiffin is. Lanie throws accolades all around and then the kid never sees the field, typical of Lanie the Narcissist.

      • Independent_George

        Carroll did the same thing. Lot’s of “stars” at Spring Practice don’t see playing time.

        Flournoy was caught in a numbers game. He is a possesion/route type receiver, and he is going to see playing time over RW? NA fit better at the slot. And Flournoy is going to beat out ML?

        True, Kiffin grossly underutilized Woods, almost negligently, but again, this is a troll post.

        • Ben Factor

          Kiffin is secretive when he should be open, and expansive and opinionated when he ought to zip it. Needs help.

  • TrojanFan

    Wow!….when was the last time wolfman said something positive about the football program?

    • Is there something positive to say about the football program ?

      • TrojanFan

        Quit being a Debbie Downer

        • steveg

          Yes there is. We have some very good players who we need to encourage and respect.

  • Loyal Trojan

    Where are the farting crazy people? They are late.

  • nard dog


  • steveg

    So far Farmer has been a bust. Kiffin has to. I have no expectations from either, if something good happens I have a reason to be excited.

    • Ben Factor

      I think Farmer could use some of your encouragement mentioned above. He’s been injured a lot, maybe always will get hurt easily. His best position may not even be WR. But until we read that he isn’t trying hard, doesn’t he deserve respect?

      • gillyking

        @Ben Factor.. no one knows the threshold of pain that Geo Farmer has. He played injury free in HS and was a nationally recognized recruit. I just consider his injury plague at SC as unlucky, but also have to wonder if in fact all of these stated injuries were in fact real.
        There seemed to be a lot of wierd or not too well explained reasons that have GF off the field.
        Regarding ‘respect’… his lack of academic success has also been a reason that GF has not seen the field. That might play into your “trying hard” category.
        Regardless, I still have confidence that he eventually will break out and become the star that we all hope would have transcended from his brilliant HS career.

        • Ben Factor

          I hadn’t realized that he was “ineligible” at times because of his studies. So far as injuries, it happens. Some guys don’t have the body for all the hard hits that occur at USC.

          I did read a remark from one commentator that Farmer might not have ideal athletic skills for WR. I don’t recall if it was a quickness issue or a ball-tracking issue, or what, but the commentator said that Farmer did not excel some important WR skill (clearly, not speed). That may have been one reason why LK tried to move him to RB.

          At any rate, it looks as though Agholor is very determined to replace Woods, which doesn’t bode well for Farmer.

          I saw some video on Blackwell participating in drills with other receivers, and Blackwell looked especially quick relative to some others. It was one short snip of video, so I don’t know what it means, but he really looked like a coverage nightmare. Maybe his tracking or jumping or catching skills fall short, or he gets jammed at the line. But someone that quick should be able to get separation regularly.