USC Morning Buzz

Photo/Associated Press

It’s time for spring practice after two long months off since the Sun Bowl. And a key question remains for USC: Who is calling plays? That is but one of several key questions for the Trojans in the next few weeks.

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      • TrojanFan

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  • Golden Trojan

    OK Trojan fans, the 2012 football season is OVER!!! We’ve all done plenty of pissing and bitchin’ (including yours truely) about Lane Kiffin and the end of season embarrassment. Kiffin is still the head coach and will be at least till December. He made changes and got his recruits. Pete’s recruits are all but gone. As Big Ed says, turn the page, look forward. Lets enjoy the competition at QB, CB, S and WR. Hopefully Wolf can bring some incite (doubt it) from his practice reports. We’ll all likely have to look elsewhere for info and come back here to rant about it. It would be nice if the Junior Hi kids (Nard dog) could find some other place to go and not waste time and space here with their childish attempts at humor. GO TROJANS, FIGHT ON! UCLA SUCKS (even if you beat us)!

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      • Golden Trojan

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        • TrojanFan

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          • Ted

            Golden Trojan meant you when he said “Junior Hi Kids” Give it a rest…

      • MichiganTrojan

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      • TrojanFan

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  • dtksr1

    Don’t believe Kiffin will publically inform of playcalling duty until he is good & ready, especially since he knows this is a critical topic aimed at him. He might not let it out until week of the 1st pre-season game. I’m betting if he does give Helton the opportunity, it will be like PC did it… having the right to change a play at any time. So we could be seeing 2-dueling Dennis’ menu’s, one on the sideline and one up in the pressbox.

  • nard dog

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