Radio, Radio

Here’s a radio interview I did with the Mitch in the Morning show on Seattle station KJR to discuss Tim Floyd and Pitt’s Jamie Dixon. The interview starts at the 14:43 mark and features my barking dog in the background.

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  • wolfman, you are AGAIN recognized for your Super Duper INSIDE sweeeet scooops!!!

    these Seatle DJ’s were starstruck by your cool detached Hollywood manner!!!

    can’t BELIEVE your dog’s name is Lawyer John!!! what kind of name IS that?? you said cause he hides under the bed whenever he hears a noise?? whatever, man!!!

  • nard dog

    Your dog hates you Wolfbag.

  • Gollum-Wolf

    Did you forget to leave the kibble out for Trojan Reach Around, Gargamel?