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Lane Kiffin’s met with national media this offseason to restore his image and a big talking point is how can you criticize now if you loved him in 2011 when he was 10-2?

“My question would be, `Twelve months ago, where were those criticisms?’ ” Kiffin told ESPN.

Here’s what I would say: He was 8-5 in 2010. So wasn’t 10-2 an anomaly compared to 8-5 and 7-6?

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  • Your rare good article is the real anomaly.

  • nard dog

    hey wolfbag smell my farts.

  • Kiff is taking that weak sauce into the ring with Clubber “wolfman” Lang???

    Kiff, you shouldda NEVER come back!!!

    • TrojanFan

      Hey bucket, how did the butt dart tournament play out? I see betomas made it to the semi finals…..ouch!

  • nard dog

    The real anomaly is how you graduated from journalism school. Now do what you do best and smell my egg farts. The Nard dog has spoken.

  • Kiffin, ever the flaming narcissist. Who will he blame this year when he goes 7-6?

  • Ben Factor

    Lane, perhaps you recall when YOU remarked two years ago that “it’s all about the W’s?” Well, you were 70-80% right. The other 20-30% of your fall from grace resulted from lying, deflecting blame, making insensitive public remarks about your players, being secretive at the wrong moments, not solving the penalties, turnovers and other problems adequately, being predictable in your play-calling, being sneaky (the “number switch”), and so on. Going further, the fact that you would pose this moronic questions to the media does not speak well for you.

    So, are you still confused why you have been criticized? Then there will be one more reason why–easily confused by the obvious!

  • TrojanFan

    I think it’s about time wolfman looks for another job. He repeats the same crap week after week. I wish he would post some relevant news at least once in a while, instead of professing his love for Kiffin constantly.

  • ThaiMex

    BET THE FARM, this year….5 and 8…it’s just gonna be sooooo G-R-E-A-T
    Another UN believable, UN ranked year!
    fit UN Torgan!

  • Bill

    Hey Lame, you were 10-2 because you didn’t play anyone that year. If the Ducks had a decent kicker, it would have been 9-3!

    • TrojanFamily

      Troll. Try something else with your life. Your trolling is quite subpar

    • TrojanFan

      Bill, you didn’t even watch the game, there was a sponge Bob marathon coming on