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Why didn’t Lane Kiffin say who will call plays next season? Does he really need more time to decide if he or Clay Helton, who has spent three seasons with him, should call plays?

Or is he just delaying what he knows will be an unpopular decision because he wants to keep calling plays? Even Tuesday, when he had a chance to dispute an NFL scout’s assertion poor coaching led to Matt Barkley’s interceptions, Kiffin blamed himself and the defense.

So he doesn’t want to stir too many things up right now, like saying he will call plays.

Full spring recap is right here


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  • TroyFan52

    Again, I thought we had this one covered…..Kiffin will call all offensive plays next season. There is no way he could stand by and let someone else run the plays. NO WAY!!!!!!!! We need to worry about stopping these spread offenses…..

    • Well, Kiffin addressed stopping spread offenses by having 3 defensive coaches.

      • TrojanFan

        ….and your point is?

  • Maybe he just wants to drive you nuts Wolf. Oh too late.

    • Ted

      Why bang on wolf so much…i admit he is over the top when it comes to Kiffin. But you are the same with Wolf. Also Wolf’s points are valid. Kiffin blaming the defense, saying “where was all the critiques when we were 10 and 2” changing jerseys, deflating balls (Kiffin didn’t have any idea, allegedly) arriving 2 hours late to a bowl dinner and when called on it said “we were only 30 minutes late” etc. These are not comments or actions befitting a head coach at a place like southern cal.

    • Ted

      Besides you ridicule that which is ridiculous…kiffin is RIDICULOUS with a capital C!

  • TrojanFamily

    There is no place in the world more dangerous than between a bat wielding Wolf and a horse that’s recently passed away.

  • way to keep stay all over Kiff like a cheap suit, wolfman!!!

    lets say it how it is: Kiff is scared to death of what the wolfman will say when he admits he will be calling plays!!!

    way to be, wolfman!!!

    amazingly, you’ve taken your game to a whole new, ‘NOTHER level!!!!

    • MichiganTrojan

      Wooooo dooggggiiiieeeee, another gemstone with the old tarje referendo CeeBee!!!!??!!

      Our favorite heroine Snoop Doggie Wolf will not let us down!!!$! Holding those twinklin tosies to the old OC fire pit!!!!!!!

      I can just SCEE it now my fat compadre: the Wolfinator getting to HJ field, elbowing his way IN TO that ruthless horde of cowards we call sports reporters and asking – no, BARKING, HOWLING – “Why the silence you poor excuse for protoplasm! The people need answers, and I am the only pit-sniffer here brave enough to ask you to your smirking FACE. I’m not LEAVING here til you answer or I’m in HANDCUFFS!!!!!”

      That’s our sickly pup Carlos, all grown up and now a STRONG, bald sniveling mutanoid truth-pursuing Savage Wolf!!!

      KEEEEeepppppp thheee BEAT going chunky one!!!!!!!

      • Mich-trojie: i believe you are pioneering a whole new genre here: stream-of-conscious Beat Blogging!!!

        well, it sure beats the usual farts and ball-licking we get from the Dummies!

        • TrojanFan

          Hey bucket. the tournament really took it’s toll on you. I’ve never seen the limp quite that bad. A trip to Dr T Bone might be the answer

          PS….I also noticed the eye patch has some dents on it, don’t look back, you big dummy

    • TrojanFan

      Same sh!t, just a different pile

  • M. Link

    Pound it in to the ground Wolf, keep pounding the same thing over and over…

    • TrojanFan

      When it comes of SC football wolfman has a limited focus

  • dtksr1

    Come on Scott, it’s about you & Kiffin as if we didn’t surmise. You are both locked in this personal one-on-one battle. He has the answers he won’t give you and you have the media-pass to keep asking the same questions. Maybe we should ask TJ Simers to referee this affair. He seems to have simpathy for Kiffin and he is a 2nd page sports head-hunter. Seems even to me.

    • dtksr1

      I have asked him before, all he says is “Jim Mora needs my help”. Funny, I think you both need his brand of help. Peace & love

    • Danny

      Would love to see Scott “vengence is mine” Wolfman go against TJ “the Hack” Simers!

  • Ben Factor

    It’s funny to me that everyone is down on Wolf here.

    I think there is a 80% chance that Wolf called this correctly, and that Kiffin will call the plays, and is pretty certain right now that he will call the plays.

    Please reply if you think that Kiffin WILL NOT call the plays next year. Explain your reasoning.

  • Bill

    Why does he have such a large card? He only ran five plays all year. Stink and dink to the right! Stink and Dink to the left! Barkley interception! Barkley Sack! Barkley, meet Mr Barr!

    Hey Wittlick, be afraid. Be very, very afraid! Your Left Tackle will be around for 3 more years!

    • TrojanFan

      Bill, please stick to cartoons and flipping burgers