Not A Matt Barkley Fan

USC quarterback Matt Barkley’s received some favorable press since the NFL combine but ESPN analyst Merrill Hoge criticized his arm strength and passes that sailed during the season. Hoge said Barkley was too risky to be a first-or-second pick despite mock drafts listing him a top 10 pick.

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  • trojanfan

    He must have watched him play

  • dexter2323

    Since when did Merril Hoge become a QB guru? Guy was a running back. Wake me when Jon Gruden says something about Matt Barkley.

  • Charles Bucket

    pshhhhhhhhh…Cadre couldda told you that tapette!! you betta start readin’ the Cadre posts!!!

    Hibbity hobbity shuck shuck SHUCKS!!

  • B.Miller

    Wooha.. when QB Guru Merrill Hoge speaks we should all listen…

  • RememberTheFreedomBowl

    Hoge also called Tebow as Phony as a Three Dollar Bill….guy may just be a good QB evaluator after all.