The Kiffin Rule Passes

The NCAA’s Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved several rules today, including forcing players who change uniform numbers during a game to report the change to the referee, who will announce it to the crowd.

This is known as the Kiffin rule, because last season USC quarterback Cody Kessler wore No. 35 (used by punter Kyle Negrete) but then switched to his normal No. 6 and played quarterback.

The panel also approved a rule automatically ejecting players who target and contact defenseless players above the shoulders.

  • Charles Bucket

    how about the Wolfman Rule??

    you know, where you can’t throw a well respected beat writer out for non-existent violations, then have to eat sh!# and apologize in front of nation while losing focus on upcoming foe (e.g. Stanford) causing a domino effect of losses resulting in team losing all confidence??

    hibbity hobbity shuck shuck SHUCKS!!

    • TrojanFan

      Did you put ANY thought into that post?…….LAME!

  • Ken Hart

    Kiffin rule passed? Does that mean Wolfie is banned from all USC functions including practices? One can only hope.

  • ThaiMex

    How appropriate….Lowlife SCUm have a rule enacted because of their SLEAZYNESS. I guess the rule against deflating footballs already exists.

    Mercy Nurse and fit on!

    • TrojanFan

      The tree house club(cadre) has a new rule, it states “hetrosexuals need not apply”

      Mercy Nurse?

      • ThaiMex

        Hey IDIOT…lemme give you a little help…..Click the EDIT icon on your post…..and correct the spelling of HETEROSEXUAL… look plain stupid.
        fit UN!!!!

        • TrojanFan

          You are correct, it’s spelled wrong, but that’s exactly how it was spelled on the sign outside the tree house(cadre HQ) You look stupid and most definitely GAY