USC 64, Oregon State 57

Ariya Crook had 17 points while Cassie Harberts had 16 points and 14 rebounds to lead the Trojans to a first-round victory at the Pac-12 Tournament. USC plays No. 2 seed California tomorrow at 12 p.m. Michael Cooper lives to coach another day.

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  • Please stop posting women’s basketball scores. This isn’t a UCLA blog (although you wouldn’t know it from the comments).

    • TrojanFamily

      Disagree. Wolf should cover all of USC athletics. It would’ve been impressive to report on the game rather than give us info we can find in a boxscore and then make a snarky comment about the coach. But I’m sure he didn’t actually watch the game.

      • Jethro G Sabbath

        At least he reported it in a timely manner. Usually he is a day behind the print media.

    • ThaiMex

      Mute…..what is it with you “QUEER” torgans? Have you got something against Women. I’m sure your Mother is proud of you.
      I didn’t see you complain about Men’s Water Polo or Mens Basketball…but you’ve got a GRUDGE against Women Basketball? It’s 2013 for Christ Sakes. Come out of the closet, you’ll feel so much better.
      fit on a-hole!

      • Are you implying all bigots are gay? Do you own any mirrors?