USC Morning Buzz

Former USC coach Pete Carroll was at last night’s basketball game against Washington. Too bad he will not be at today’s football practice because we would tell him we’ve heard he told some friends in Southern California he can’t believe USC won only seven games last season with Matt Barkley, Marqise Lee and Robert Woods.

Meanwhile, freshman quarterback Max Browne should be more comfortable today in his second practice.

“At the end of the day, we know that we’re just going to go out there and do our best, and Coach (Lane) Kiffin will make a decision,” Browne said.

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  • The key: “we’ve heard”. First of all, who is WE? No way you heard it directly. Tool.

  • dtksr1

    Whether or not PC said something, you know damn well Haden will consult with him if/when Kiffin is let go.

    • Yeah right. Haden will consult his bottle of Scotch

  • MichiganTrojan

    Sweet shoveling Wolverine!!!!!!! Another – yet again – aero-dynamic beebee to to the toukis!!!! I feel so fat and hate-filledd, oohhh hehehehe!!!??!?!

    Your old buddy Caesar would’ve given you a big ol BEAR hug and maybe shed a few joyous tears for old farts sake. “How’s Charlie Bucket and that rag tag of brave bloggers you lead? Still keeping the Boy Scouts honor for truth justice and critical critic critiques???!!!!” I knew you would be Wolf Breath! Can I tell what I think about that program I used to be involved in ??? I don’t know who else to talk to???”””

    PC and SW, PB and J, Charlie Bucket and ThaiMex’s bean bags – one big happy family over in SO CAL cyber land. OOOOoooohhh I am twinklin!!!!

  • TrojanFan

    Another classic wolfman fabrication. The guy loves to troll his own blog

  • M. Link

    Wolf – what a load of crap. You don’t hear a bleepin thing. None of us can believe USC only won 7 games. You are a complete embarrassement to the University.

  • wolfman, the greatest part of this blog is watching you take Kiff apart piece by piece with Surgical precision!!

    ugh… but these Dummies refusing to RECOGNIZE your constant flow of SWEEET SCOOOPS is unsurpassed in the business!!

    i’ve been around a LONG LONG time, and i have worked in the journalism biz, and i have NEVER, EVER seen a beat writer open up a can of whooop a$$ on a coach like this!!

    Memo to Cadre: please be advised i am bringing a vote today on a resolution saluting Scott Wolf for Journalistic Excellence and Integrity!!! today will be Scott Wolf Day in Southern Cal!!!

    • MichiganTrojan

      c-quest, I don’t know how, but your newest ball of fat genius has somehowwwwwwwww surPASSed the all the rest!!!!!!!! The way you and the wolfenweenie manage throw a giant bald, bruin-blackened mirror on Troytown was incredible. It’s going in the journal, count it. “Today I read one of the most brutal tag team take-downs ever produced by a living sea-donkey and the ALTAR upon which he worships, a bald, laser-guided jellyfish!!!!! Life will never EVER be the same.”

      Kiff brings the water fall, and you grab the greasy, fart-stained boogie boards. Up high for the nut punch!!

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Did you ever work in sports talk radio?

  • now, Dummies, you may continue with your testicle tasting and flatulence….or whatever it is you seem to do these days.


    • TrojanFan

      Bucket is the expert on “testicle tasting”, he knows all the flavors…..ouch!!!!

      • ThaiMex

        Are you 15 or 16? Have you gotten around ALL YOUR LIFE “riding the Coattails” of those around you? “Fat, Drunk and Stupid is no way to spend your life, son”.

        Don’t feel sad. If there’s ever a need for expert in “jerking off”, or “trailer trash” humor, I promise we will be in contact with you. You’ll be easy to find out there in Fontucky.
        fit on knucklehead!

        • TrojanFan

          Interesting, because you, along with your other voices, post the same lame a$$ humor over and over, hypocrite! Your continued trolling of this site 24/7 is creeeepy. Go troll a ruin site, someone out there might respect your style.

          PS….15 or 16 is about where I pegged your pathetic A$$

          • ThaiMex

            Congrats…Your last post is a nice start to s new life as opposed to your LAME COPY/PASTE/Change a few words tactics! You see….your simple small brain is capable of doing things you never realized were possible! The real Challenge is just around the corner…Let’s see if you can resist to JUMP ON THE COATTAILS of the “Village idiot” and post a “BrainFart”. I know you can do it, big guy!
            fit on torgan!

          • TrojanFan


  • Well Petie, it was because of you that USC thought so highly of the Turd Kiffin.