Who has more question marks this spring? The Trojans or the Bruins? Does it matter that USC started earlier and ends earlier than its rivals? Will UCLA be ranked ahead of USC in the preseason polls?

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  • Danny

    Lets go position by position

    OLine tie (lean UCLA)
    Backs USC
    Wide receivers tie

    DLine (lean UCLA)
    Secondary tie

    Special teams tie (lean UCLA)

    Coaching: UCLA
    Depth UCLA

    I am not sure either team will be ranked in the top 25 in the preseason, but I think UCLA will be ranked higher

    • TrojanFan

      Wrong blog!

    • How are WRs a tie?
      You don’t even know who our starters are on DL, or what system we’ll be running most of the time.
      How is secondary a tie? You have never even seen any of our safeties play before.
      Special teams a tie?
      Nobody should even talk about ranking either team until fall camp starts.

      • Danny

        Good point on WR. Yes, with Marquis Lee, I would change the post to say USC.

        There are a lot of gaps in both UCLA and USC in the secondary, which is why I put it as a tie. Sure both teams got great recruits to fill them, but at this point they are unproven at the college level.

        I don’t see special teams being the difference maker for either team which is why I put it as a tie.

        I totally disagree about not talking about rankings now, any more than we should not be talking about spring ball. Its all in the same vein. Its pure speculation, anticipation and fun

        • I agree. But speculation on the USC side at this point is kind of pointless, especially on the defensive side. It’s a new system, with new players, new coordinator, and new position coaches. We have no idea how any group will play, even lb, as bailey might move to safety, and 5-2 system switch.

      • CheattheSystem

        QB – Ucla for now.

        RB – Redd

        WR – ML, NA, GF, DF > Ucla not a tie.

        OL – Ucla edge for now

        TE – USC

        DL – Remember Kennard? Washington? Breslin?

        Townsend? Tavai? Bigelow?

        LB – Pullard,Simmons, Dawson(out of position often), Bailey

        DB – the fact that you put tie when we have 3 new starters implies the Bruins stink! The USC Defense will be the strength of this year’s team.

        K – USC
        Punter – USC

        PR – USC
        KR – USC

        Ucla will be good – 8-9 wins maybe, USC should be 10-3/11-2 in regular season.

    • steveg

      Go take another nap and try it again when you are totally awake. You fell into a Wolf trap, a stupid question that nobody can really answer, only argue about.

  • TrojanFan

    Hey wolfman. it’s your job to answer the questions, quit being a lazy troll

  • TrojanFamily

    Does anyone think the Inside the Gators blog posts about Georgia or Florida State? Or Inside the Sooners posts about Oklahoma State and asks posters to compare the two teams during Spring football? I’m sure the Ducks blog is all about the Beavs. Seriously, Scott, stop feeding the trolls and report on USC athletics.

  • Ted

    Two things we know for sure.
    1. MORA > KIFFIN
    2. HUNDLEY > ?

  • ThaiMex

    Take this one to the bank…UCLA will be ranked ahead of the UN-ranked Torgans.

    As far as composition…UCLA has the better Q.B., O-Line, D-Line (because of DEPTH), Linebackers, and are BETTER at the SAFETY POSITIONS. . Your Q.B. situation won’t be resolved for at least 2 more years. Your Running Backs are INJURY PRONE, your O-Line is PATCHWORK. Your LINEBACKERS are too fragile and under sized (though mobile). Your D-line STARTERS are good, but lacking QUALITY DEPTH (the great ***** Townsend is not working out, neither is anyone else. Some decommited, and a few FLUNKED out. WAIT TILL INJURIES START ROLLING IN! ). Your D-Backs were bad last year, and this year things will only be worse. I don’t know who’s D-backs will be better….SUCks or UCLA, though UCLA D-Backs were a priority in this years recruiting class. UCLA has a better KICKING Game, our Coaching staff is SUPERIOR, The Rose Bowl is better than that dump you play in, and …Westwood is a great place to hang out, while south central is for Gang Bangers, Car Jackers, Purse snatchers, muggers Wino’s, PIMPS & HOE’s (Women in South Central YELL things like………Hey LeeeeeeRoy…I’m having yo BAYYYbeeeeee!).
    Got it?
    fit on torgans

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Do you ever stop and think, as you are doing something like this in the middle of the night, that just maybe you should get some help?

    • The Monopoly Is Over Here 2.0

      Enjoy slow motor McCarthy. The savior of Westwood. What a mean D-line you have!

    • Boring Boring