The Most Happy Athletic Director

We hear USC athletic director Pat Haden is going to perform a role in the musical, “The Most Happy Fella,” next month at the on-campus Bing Theatre. USC bills it as a “heart-warming story of the aging, shy Napa Valley grape-grower Tony, who courts a San Francisco waitress through the mail. When she comes to marry him, she finds herself in an unexpectedly tumultuous drama of disappointment, sudden passion, and love.”

That means the title does not refer to a football coach who saves his job despite going 7-6 at one of the nation’s top schools.

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  • SW, I hope this is a joke. Haden continues to make a fool of himself and SC athletics.

  • Just when I think you are trying to be a real sports writer and then you give us this crap. Get over your pathetic obsession Wolfie.

  • RememberTheFreedomBowl

    Too bad it isn’t about a shy Notre Dame Linebacker that courts a San Francisco waiter through the Internet.

  • oneillwatch

    Now we know why he took the job as AD: tuition remission. You can’t make this up.

  • TrojanFan

    Wolfman trolling his own blog, nice!

  • disqus_hYQnVmToaw

    Wolf you are an idiot. Write something interesting and compelling for a change. Your little snide comments are childish and got old a long time ago.

    • Terrific Tommy

      Dude, you have better odds winning the Super Lotto than you do waiting for Little Wolfie to be relevant and not petty.

  • Terrific Tommy

    My Kingdom for a decent beat writer.

  • betomas

    Guy Smiley aka Puss in Boots aka Haden is gonna have a couple too many shots before he hits the stage then he’s gonna hang out with the cast all night, hitting on the leading man and leading lady, further embarrassing himself.