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USC quarterback Max Wittek is trying to be a leader but says he is different than the Trojans’ previous quarterbacks.

“I’m not Matt Barkley or Mark Sanchez,” Wittek said. “I’ve talked to a couple coaches and they’ve said there is a natural tendency to be the opposite of someone before you.

“I’m not the most vocal person on the field.”

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  • Independent_George

    I hate to go all “Yoda”, but there is no “try”. There is either do, or do not.

    QB’s at this level have to be leaders, especially in USC’s pro-style offense. They need to be confident almost to the point of obnoxiousness. They have to think that everytime they touch the ball, the can make a big play.

    Re-watch the Sun Bowl, if you can stomach it. You can see Wittek’s confidence fall off a cliff as the game went on.

    The above quote, if true or within the correct context (always an issue when Scottie is reporting), means that Wittek might be nothing more than a place holder for Browne.

    Which means that Kiffin, realizing that starting Wittek means he goes 7-6, 6-7 this year and costs him his job, will eventually start Browne. Then he will have the built in excuse of “a young QB” as we go 7-6, 6-7, Haden and McKay will cut him more slack, the media will snicker, fan base will go apoplectic, and Wolf will be estactic.

    • Cheap seats

      I agree that a Wittek or even s Browne-led team only wins something like 7-8 games in the current regime.

      We have to remember that Barkley’s freshman year and the Booty years that we had a very good defense, better offensive line, and a weaker Pac-12.

      Kiffin’s offenses starting relying more and more on Barkley’s arm and they probably put too much on his shoulders.

      This isn’t Oregon where they can plug in a freshman QB (Marriota) or outcast (Daron Thomas) and they can light it up and have a 3-1 TD-INT ratio.

      • RememberTheFreedomBowl

        The Defense in Barkley’s Freshman Year was very bizzare…looked like a typical Pete Carroll defense until the start of the 4th Quarter against Notre Dame. After that, one of the worst in USC history the rest of the season.

  • JUST WIN GAMES, and no one will care!

  • NEXT! What a pu$$.

  • Chad Parker

    Here is a real article, from today, about the USC Football team. Not some “out to get you” reporting that is the Scott Wolf.

  • gregarious, a leader does not have to be, hmmm?

    if complete a third down pass, this Padewon can, a leader he will be.

    very chipper, the Pious Passer was.

    but in adverse conditions, a stone image he became.

    use The Force, this young Padewon must!

    seek out the counsel of the Wolfman, he should.

    • Cheap seats

      Funny that my recent posts get deleted and this crap stays up.

      I start to wonder if Scott replies to his own blog as Bucket and a few UCLA fans….

  • RememberTheFreedomBowl

    Kiffin’s natural tendency is the opposite of Carroll…..Always CompLANE and Lose Forever