USC QB Rankings

After just a couple practices, using our usual ranking system of Euros, with four being the best:

Max Wittek €€€

Cody Kessler €€ 1/2

Max Browne €€

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  • Cheap seats

    How about just a little more insight on why Wittek is looking better than the other 2 guys?


      C’mon man, why would we wanna know that?

    • Ben Factor

      Your question highlights that it’s not hard to make yourself a better reporter/writer. When you write an opinion, ask yourself what observations or facts led you to hold that opinion, and whether your opinion is justified. When you write a fact, ask yourself where you got that fact, whether it IS actually a fact, and how you might verify it.

      Have you thought of professional writing? You have the right instincts.

      • Cheap seats

        Seriously, huh?

        Did you listen to the first practice presser? Someone — sounds like Wolf — asked Kiffin, “looks like you’re making an effort to oversee ALL position groups this year…”

        Kiffin responded, “how would you know? You haven’t been at practice! [Ever since I kicked you out]

        Everyone cracked up.

    • I’ll help you out.

      Wittick is Kiffin’s baby. He’s got the better arm and a private QB coach which is a must at USC now, and did I mention he’s Kifin’s baby?

      Kessler, weaker arm, no private QB coach = he should transfer so he can play. Even if his arm was stronger he would have no chance because he has no private QB coach.

      Browne doesn’t know the Denny’s menu playbook yet, but once he does, he will be the man as he is Kiffin’s prized baby AND he has a private QB coach as well !

      • Cheap seats

        Agreed. But you and I didn’t get to see the practices like Wolf did. Maybe Wolf wasn’t even watching? He was probably just kept wondering every single minute, “WHO IS CALLING THE PLAYS?” And then the next minute, “I SHOULD ASK HIM AT THE PRESSER AFTER WHO IS GOING TO CALL THE PLAYS.”

        In addition to be teacher’s pet, WIttek also attended Mater Dei — Barkley, Leinart, Marinovich, etc went there so I guess any QB coming out of there is expected to be good.

        Kessler appears to be a better game manager and is more steady than the erratic Wittek.

      • EM Jones

        If a Johnny Manziel type of qb were at USC he would be riding the
        bench. Why? Manziel is short, weak arm, doesn’t look like a pro qb
        and and can’t throw the ball 90 mph. Kessler will do very, very well as a running /passing qb at a Div 1 school somewhere should he opt to leave. He is a player.



  • ThaiMex

    All these 5 star players, #1 Q.B.’s in the nation, Top Recruiting Classes, and what do you have? SQUAT! You’ve got Jack SQUAT!

    FU&KING amazing…It’s going to be a long long season.
    I can’t wait to see the video of Hitler “going off” when he’s informed about the weak QB’s at SUCks.
    fit UN!

    • Oh you bruins and your love of Hitler.

    • Boring

  • Gilligan

    I’ll do my own analysis on the best USC sports media outlets in Southern California:

    (1) OC Register: €€€€
    (2) LA Times: €
    (3) LA Daily News: ZERO

    If one is lucky to view the USC OC Register sports blog one would find some decent information about Spring Practice. The weird thing is that the reporter is working on his FIRST USC Spring Practice (weird how he has more information than the USC Insider with multiple years within the program) and yet has more informative news to report compare to this site.

    • marvgoux1

      Gilligan, how is the kicking game looking in Spring practice? It was a huge problem and cost us last season.

  • wolfman here is your rating from the Cadre: €€€€€€€€€+!!!!

    you get the unprecedented TEN EURO rating because you dont just REPORT the news, you MAKE the news!!!

    why just today, me and my Southen Cal buddy were chomping burgers and beer at Angelos in Aneheim when you mentioned how Bucket was right when you pointed out Kiff’s downfall began after the blowup with the wolfman!! it drained the life out of Kiff who withdrew more and more till eventually he ended up all bundled up and checked out in the bowl game!!!

  • Swoll Francis

    that is F-ing bold analysis. show some respect people