Winners And Losers Of The Week

Time to see who is up and who is down.


Morgan Breslin: He is more important than ever with limited defensive depth next season.

Devon Kennard: See above.

Tim Floyd: Leaked meeting with Pat Haden to rehabilitate his image. Mission accomplished.

Max Browne: Just being on campus puts him in mix to play next season and there’s no rush to perform until the fall anyways.

Leon McQuay, Su’a Cravens: USC needs safeties and corners and they fit in perfectly.


USC: Have you been around the campus at night? It’s like a prison now with the new security and fencing everywhere even though most crime issues occur off campus.

James Cregg: Assistant to the assistant offensive line coach adjusting to new role in spring practice.

Michael Cooper: If Kevin O’Neill got fired, how does Cooper keep job after an 11-20 season?

USC baseball: Upset No. 17 Oklahoma on Friday night but remains the stepchild program on campus.

Clay Helton: Supposedly turned down chance to be offensive coordinator at top five programs to remain with Matt Barkley. Did he forget he also would remain with Lane Kiffin, who calls plays?


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  • you asked several questions, wolfman….no te preocupes, i GOT this!!!!

    Q: “Have you been around the campus at night?”
    A: i know this was a rhetorical question, but the answer is GOD, NO!!! i happen to value my hide. i also don’t stroll around Exposition Park in the evening in case you were gonna ask. again, i VALUE my precious HIDE.

    Q: “how does Cooper keep job after an 11-20 season?”
    A: simple….no one cares, including the trOXans. they only care about their Football team and their historical RECORD FLOP in 2012.

    fit on TROXANS!!!!
    (man, it sucks to be you!!!!)

    • steveg

      taking my line bucket? Get something new.

      • ThaiMex

        Jeddie…advise this guy on “S.O.P.” with regard to “getting CREDIT”. Please make sure he gets his “Brownie Points” and gets a ‘sticker’ too! I know how important recognition is to you Torgans.
        fit on!

    • Cheap seats

      “It’s like a prison now with the new security and fencing everywhere even though most crime issues occur off campus.”

      I thought you liked prison, Bucket? You know — the place you would drop the soap on purpose?

  • steveg

    So much crime around USC because all the cops are chasing all the pedophiles and rapists over on the westside. Gotta suck to be a ruin.

    • Spedjones

      yeah, I’m sure the families of the murdered Chinese grad students would agree with you. Truth is, the rapists have only left the SC hood because they’re afraid of the murderers.

  • ThaiMex

    Weak/thin on the defensive line? What happened to all those 4-5 STAR guys (Eduardo “The Chinese Viking” Hernandez, that Townsend guy…and the rest)? Academic casualties (those dreaded character issues)? The only thing worse is going to be the PATCHWORK “O” Line. Your not so mobile Q-Backs will turn into sitting Ducks!
    South Central….home to Crips, Bloods, Purse Snatchers, Car Jackers, Wino’s, and Pimp’s. It’s the kind of place where women can be heard,….yelling in the streets…”Hey Leeee-roy,…I’m havin yo bayyyyyy-bee”!
    The University of South Central……there’s nothing quite like it!
    fit on torgan!

    • Swoll Francis

      Kessler to Oregon?

      You heard it here first people!

  • marvgoux1

    Winner: Mohammad Morsi receives $250 million from Secretary of State Kerry.

  • “Did he forget he also would remain with Lane Kiffin, who calls plays?” – Did you forget? This is TBD in the Fall. It’s been said over and over again. Keep harping on that for the next 3-4 months. Or understand the answer, that it’s TBD. Helton could end up calling plays. If Kiffin was going to call plays again, why is he going to decide on that in the Fall camp? Because there will be a change.