Quick Thought On Wittek

Does QB Max Wittek’s knee injury while holding on a field goal give Lane Kiffin any pause to having your No. 1 quarterback hold on field goals and extra points?

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  • Quick Thought II: was the new Berlin Wall put up around the southern cal campus to protect the students from the riff raff….or was it actually to protect the locals from the trOXan athletes??

    • steveg

      what a waste

      • Jethro G Sabbath

        Quick Thought on Bucket

        Does troll Charles Bucket spend so much time here that he has lost all perspective and fails to realize this obsession completely dominates his life?

        • TrojanFan

          The need professional help for his mental problems

    • TrojanFamily

      Wow, you now are posting your racist posts as both Charles Bucket and ThaiMex. I always thought you were a clown but you’ve moved into a seriously disturbed racist area now. Champ, you should stop talking. Take the next few plays off.

      • nice try changing the subject. i have never uttered a racist or vulgar word, so shut up your mouth! southern cal is a DMV zone, not my doing!!

        we all need to take a deep breath, take a step back and assume the worst about southern cal until the wolfman confirms it. then we need to get to work on more sanctions, and possibly firing Bounce Pass.

        i do think it is HILARIOUS to hear trOXans calling me a racist!! you dummies are the AUTHORITIES on racist comments so you should know better!!!

        • TrojanFamily

          I do give you credit for editing your post to remove the offensive content. I don’t assume the worst in your conduct. I just recognize it.

        • Swoll Francis

          a DMV zone?

    • Golden Trojan

      But now you have the rest of the student body caged up with the athletes. Kinda like that big cat park in Fresno where the intern got sucker punched by the lion.

  • steveg

    It shouldn’t. Having the qb in there adds another threat

    • Golden Trojan

      Not when he gets rolled up on in SPRING BALL!!!! But the back up in there for that useless formation.

  • TroyFan52

    It will not. Kiff likes going for 2 “when he sees the look”. I don’t buy it, but thats a long list of things that Kiff does and I don’t agree with……

  • Cheap seats

    He should just have the “punter” hold PATs and FGs with Cody Kessler changing jerseys.

  • Aldo Nova

    Wolf…you are an idiot.

    • Why, because he points out what an idiot Kiffin is on a daily basis ?

      • TrojanFan

        Hey BenD over, Kiffin appreciates you being his #1 fan. He wants to send you a pair of season tickets

  • TrojanNation

    Does anyone else happen to believe that this Charles bucket person is none other than Scott Wolf himself? I mean, who would dedicate so much time to a worthless, pathetic blog. No matter how bad the thread is, bucket just happens to be the first one to comment 90% of the time. I used to check this blog on a daily basis, now I check it about once a week. This place has become a cancer with people like thaimex, bucket, etc. I wish the Daily news would check on Scott’s incompetence and relieve him of his duties. Maybe then they can find someone with real “inside” knowledge. Heck, at least someone who the whole USC staff doesn’t hate. Anybody think anyone in the USC staff would slip any real information to this bozo?

    • Cheap seats

      If you’ve ever met Wolf, you would think so. There’s a certain creepy element to him.

      Creepiness aside, responses always improve SEO for a blog with the new Google algorithms. It wouldn’t surprise me if Wolf has several screen names and stirs the pot. It seems to be working.

      • TrojanFan

        The wolfman loves to troll his own blog!

    • ThaiMex

      It’s “ThaiMex”…..Got it?

      • TrojanFan

        It’s “Fight On”….Got it?