USC Basketball Players In Spokane Fight?

Here’s a report from a Spokane TV stations that claims some USC basketball were involved in an altercation in the downtown area. Story is here.

Updated: Here is another story which does not confirm any USC athletes being involved. And here is a USC comment: “We are just learning of this report. We are just kind of looking into it and trying to find out the facts.”

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    the Tri-TOWERS opened up a can of whooop a$$ on a woman??? that picture shows a gal worked over pretty bad. why aren’t these thugs in prison yet???

    just when you THINK southern cal cannot go any LOWER they defy the laws of LIMBO and go EVEN LOWEER!!!

    i hope none of the people sent the hospital have serious injuries….can you imagine these woman being out on the town and being attacked by a bunch of 7 foot tall whackos??

    SANCTION (back) ON!!

    • TrojanFamily

      Trolling geek. Alas, your life has brought to this point. Right under a bridge. Did your guidance counselor in school suggest. You become a troll, or did you just fail into the role?

      • maze949

        Nice deflection. You don’t have anything to say about your band of knuckle-dragging thugs?


    I hate when basketballs try getting tough with me.

  • ThaiMex

    U Stupid Clowns at it again (coming into towns and bad mouthing as guests)….only this time you’re also hitting girls? Please try to remember while on the road…..You are not in South Central.
    More evidence SUCks needs to do away with “SPECIAL ADMITS” and “up” admission standards. Currently, you’re just putting lipstick on a pig.
    LIMBO U, there’s no end to how low you can go!

    • Boring

    • TrojanFamily

      Nice net connection today under that bridge. Troll

      • Ted

        what you could be taken as racist too…. call him a fool or even an a&&hole but bringing out the race card in a “comment fight” really cheapens the real racism that’s in the world today.

        • ThaiMex

          thank you Ted….of course i agree.
          fit on! (but you gotta quit Groping and Punching Women)

  • Would NOT have happened under Garrett’s watch. Haden is a fool.

  • ThaiMex

    WTF is wrong with you and your so called Institution of Higher Learning? Why hasn’t anyone spent a few minutes with your DUMB student athletes and remind them of HOW TO ACT while on the road (what you do and how you act while at your own “LITTLE DUMP”is your own business). Any of these knuckleheads ever been to Cotillion or heard the saying… “mind your p’s and q’s”? I suppose this all supports the old saying…”You can take the Ape out of the Jungle, but……..”
    Another great moment in Torgan History.
    fit on

    • +Boring

    • TrojanFamily

      You can take the ape out of the jungle? Dear God that is the most racist thing you’ve ever posted! Are you in the Klan now?

      • ThaiMex

        No to the KLAN…but I gotta tell you, “Spring Time for Hitler”, by Mel Brooks was one of the funniest! (btw….Dave Chappell is the BEST)

        O.K. so you don’t like the APE thing….try this one…
        You can take the thug out of South Central, but You can’t take the

        South Central out of the Thug.

        LIMBO U…going a little bit LOWER every day!
        fit on torgan!

        • TrojanFamily

          Thug? Are you just running through your litany of racist stereotypes? You should just stop typing. Take the next few plays off.

          • ThaiMex

            You silly fool…what kind of UPSTANDING private University Educated Elite Student Athlete goes into a small town, starts fights, beats up women….WHILE representing his School?
            Animals, thugs…call them either, if the shoe fits……..
            Junior Pommee, El Paso, Cheatey, Floyd, Goat Boy and his antics, now this? You guys are a disgrace.
            fit on torgan!

          • Boring!

        • Boring-

    • Boring:

    • BBoring

  • Was that BB player in Theta Chi at fucla? Oh, he didn’t try to KILL her. Sorry.

    • Or rape her. Of course, JuCrew bailed out the punk

  • ThaiMex

    Not ONE…but TWO SEVEN (7) FOOTERS…That’s 14ft. of GARBAGE…Mercy Nurse!
    fit on indeed!

  • the sucker punch, the abuse towards women, the kicking while down, WE’VE SEEN THIS BEFORE!!!

    this case is getting uglier and uglier…..wolfman, we’re counting onYOU to blow this investigation WIDE OPEN!!

    SANCTION (back) ON!!

  • take a knee, wolfman, the Cadre’s GOT this!!!

    LAT has confirmed the story. other sources say Dedmon (the Lottery
    pick) ID’d as main instigator, was sloppy drunk and ADMITTED to puching
    numerous people including TWO WOMEN!!! in fact they say Dedmon was
    bragging and talking trash about punchiing the women!!! (sounds like a

    i’m working on finding out how many other players involved!

    and why the heck did they stay in town an extra night?? to go out and
    get smashed and hit women? there goes CantDo’s slim chance of
    returning, way to thank him guys!!

  • IS IT TRUE>>>>????? WE NOW have confirmation from southern cal to media, PLAYERS INVOLVED IN ALTERCATION!!

    i’m beat!! wolfman, back to you!! i’m trying to get the Count in for the rest of night shift!!! wolfman, you KNOW the Cadre’s got your back as always!!!!!

  • Swoll Francis

    “‘They were shouting anti-Spokane rhetoric,’ Macapagal said.”

    now that is the last straw

  • take a smoothie break, wolfman, an update i have:

    “The first person of interest was 7-feet-tall, 260 pounds and is the center for USC. He was looking drunk, looking belligerent, calling out our guys, basically admitting towhat he had done. [Including] hitting several people, including two women”

    strooooong the Dark Side is with these trojans, i sense.

  • Spedjones

    Haha, Fight On taking on a whole new meaning at SC lately!