USC Sunday Buzz

Freshman Justin Davis has made some nice plays during spring practice this week just a few months after graduating from high school.

“I just need to get a hold of all the playbook and the schemes,” Davis said. “It’s the speed in college that is different, like everyone says. I was able to take a long time in high school before I made a read, now I have to make split-second reads.”

Davis enrolled at USC in January and then about a month into college found out his position coach, Kennedy Polamalu, was fired. Davis and safety Su’a Cravens were the only freshmen that attended a farewell dinner for Polamalu.

About two weeks before spring practice, Davis found out his new running backs coach would be Tommie Robinson, who was previously with the Arizona Cardinals.
“That was definitely one of the hard parts of adjusting to college,” Davis said.
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  • TrojanFan

    Wolfman quote:

    “Davis enrolled at USC in January and then about a month into college found out his position coach, Kennedy Polamalu, was fired. Davis and safety Su’a Cravens were the only freshmen that attended a farewell dinner for Polamalu.”

    What does this have to do with his performance in spring practice? The wolfman loves to grind the ax and troll his own blog, which makes it hard to respect anything he posts

    • gotroy22

      The LA Times writer didn’t go into detail on Cravens performance in spring practice either. It sounds like you like to grind the ax on the Wolfman.

      • TrojanFan

        Just tired of the lackluster negative reporting we get from him. I know one thing, bucket loves to drink the koolaid wolfman pours

    • Then don’t read Wolf

      • TrojanFan

        It’s your replies that keeps me coming back

    • Cheap seats

      Wolf tries to hard for the wrong type of attention. Did you hear Kiffin’s jab at him during the presser? All the reporters cracked up.

      Aside from Petros, I don’t know anyone who has referred to the Daily News as any valid source. ESPN Radio & Max /Marcellus even called them as “questionable”.

      In other news, Kiffin did talk about Max Turek’s reps at center. He said he intends to keep him there. I like it — The kid has a mean streak and makes me feel better about the void left by injury-prone K. Holmes.

      • Ben Factor

        Two things.

        First, sometimes Scott can be petty, often he fails to conduct enough research, and yet, sometimes he’s simply correct.

        Second, can Walker play LT? OL was THE offensive problem last year, made worse by LK’s poor adjustment to it in his strategies. We’ll see if a year of seasoning for a bunch of players and a new coach can get hold of the OL situation. If not, it will be a another long season. Whatever is changed on defense, if the defense has to face a succession of short, non-TD-scoring possessions by the USC offense in every important game, the defense will falter. Period.

        • Cheap seats

          Yes, he is correct on some OBVIOUS things, but that’s not what irritates most here. It’s his repeatativness with things that he won’t let go of.

          Agreed on the OL. Aside from talent, Kiffin doesn’t let them “deliver the blows” with trademark USC hard-nosed running. The play calling and system as been exposing guys like Walker.

          • Ben Factor

            I hope that you are correct about the OL. I infer that you think that, most weeks, virtually all of these OL players were rated more highly than the DL players across the line from them. If I read you correctly, I agree that the OL would seem to have the “athletic” edge. That makes me ask: “What’s going wrong? Why aren’t they mostly winning the battle, and creating opportunities for the RBs at critical times, as well as allowing sufficient time for the QBs?” I have yet to read an incisive answer to those questions.

            I don’t disagree that Scott can keep repeating the same point. In fairness, when a point is well taken, and the coaching staff never takes action on it, or comments in the daily briefings about how it sees the issue, I can empathize with Scott’s frustration, and desire to make his point again. Kiffin follows the press, but does not expertly decide what requires comment and what does not.

            I don’t agree that all of Scott’s observations are obvious or superficial or otherwise wanting. Not infrequently, he makes points that are important and not made elsewhere, and he can be quite funny sometimes. If I were to criticize him, it would be for insufficient research, insufficient substantiation of his opinions, and insufficient attempts to confirm a rumor he hears. And too many comments that seem petty, and yes, over-repetition at times. By contrast, I wish that some of the other USC writers would be more critical than they are. They are too polite about failings in coaching and/or administration.

  • Ben Factor

    Surprising that Davis wasn’t given a full “playbook and the schemes”. If a player enrolls early to prepare, isn’t that SOP?

    I’m sure that KP’s unexpected firing was difficult for Davis. TR is probably another good RB coach, and Davis will adjust. Let’s hope that the added head OL coach more than makes up for the departure of KP. It the holes are there, TR seems well qualified to show the RBs how best to utilize them.

    • Kiffin can blame him for not knowing all the plays

  • He will have a new coach next year after Lanie gets canned

    • TrojanFan

      Hey BenD over, you sure do have a massive hardon for Kiffin….ouch!

  • JJ4SC

    Yes we are all aware his position coach was fired DBag Wolf. Now do some real reporting like what his new position coach brings to the staff.

  • ThaiMex

    Don’t make a big deal out of it kid. You’re gonna have a whole new set of coaches to deal with next season too. The Tribute to Polamalu was a classy act, you sound like a good kid, but you should have taken that Notre Dame offer instead of ending up at the dump in South Central. These are gonna be the most screwed up 4 years of your life.
    fit on