Open Forum

It’s time for more questions especially with spring practice underway. One per person please.

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  • lbt2k

    Of the veterans below – who has the most realistic chance of making an impact next season and why?

    A. Brown
    D. Flournoy
    M. Simmons
    K. Greene

  • Scott, do you honestly believe the Sun Bowl “brawl” in the locker room and the BB mess would have happened with Mike Garrett here? Haden was in the locker room I just don’t see what’s going on with SC athletics.

    • Yes, MG would have been to busy taking the bar exam for the 43rd time trying to pass it.

      • LOL!! MG was a classic Dummy!!!

        • Yep, with 19 National Championships, a Super Bowl ring and a Heisman. He sure was a dummy.

          • L’Angelo Misterioso

            That mean’s he was athletic, not smart. He didn’t win the 19 NC’s either.

          • Right. I’m wrong. It was 23!

          • Btw, smarter than you are. It’s “means” not “mean’s”. Nice education.

          • L’Angelo Misterioso

            23, 19 means mean’s he didn’t win any of them, he can’t pass the bar, I bet he misses you BJ’s at whatever school he’s stealing money from now and you’re a still a troll

    • Independent_George

      Um, let’s use the Wayback Machine and look at athlete behavior in the Garrett era.

      Well, of the top of my head, there was Rey Rey’s “I am the police.”

      Winston Justice waived a gun around a parking lot.

      Steve Smith busted Dominque Byrd’s jaw.

      Eric Wright and his 500 hits of Ecstacy.

      Let’s not get into Frostee Rucker’s history.

      The locker room fight in Floyd’s last year.

      OJ Mayo breaking Hackett’s jaw.

      And all of that without the Google Machine, NOBS. Wonder that else one can find?

      Being fat and stupid and proving it every day oin a blog is no way to go through life.

      • L’Angelo Misterioso

        What about Sanchez and the boob grabbing ?

        • Independent_George

          I forgot about that.

      • Gerogie Porgie, I don’t waste my time like you do. I guarantee you are an old man (a 50’s grad?) and Garrent wouldn’t give you the time of day. Go drink some Ensure and wheel you wife around the yard.

        • gotroy22

          Scott, ignore the Garrett debate, I have a question, what is Andre Heidar’s status in Spring drills, is he recovered from his injury and how does the placekicking and punting rate in the Pac 12 conference going into the 2013 season in your opinion?

        • Independent_George

          I didn’t waste my time. I wrote that post in about 5 minutes, using something that you do not possess. A mind.

          I mean, you can hate on Haden all you want, and if you actually had a brain, you could formulate reasons why he is a poor AD. But to post something so baldly wrong and so obviously stupid and so easily refuted, it is pathetic.

          At least Bucket/Thai has a somewhat developed shtick that relies on some kind of comprehension and forethought.

          • ThaiMex

            George..Couldn’t agree more with your perception of NUBSIE. He’s the ultimate PARASITE (he’s a “taker”…NEVER contributes).
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          • Boring ,

          • Here’s a few Georgie. Not one program has improved since he took over. Tries to be funny with Job Hopper using 40 year old jokes from one of the greatest coaches ever! Is a pu$$y with the NCAA. Has created “tension” in the department. Makes a fool out of himself armpublice functions, i.e. pretending to be Kiff at FB dinner, doing his stupid dance ar the Galen Center, etc. you say MG’s hires were bad, how about Cruz and Can’tDo? So F U

          • Independent_George

            Boring. You no longer amuse me. Go back to your trolling.

          • Yep, crawl back in your hole when you get schooled.

          • Troy

            ^This is spot on.

        • ThaiMex

          nubsie…that’s pretty weak stuff after getting OWNED by George….Really, is that all you got?
          fit on nubsie!

      • One huge difference, MG didn’t run around saying we are “doing it the right way”, popping off about “student athletes” AND wasn’t there when any of that stuff happened. Haden was

  • How does Kiffin think he can stop the spread offense with just THREE defensive coaches ?

    • I don’t think the coaches are allowed on the field when they play.

      • L’Angelo Misterioso

        I guess it’s less is more with you as well, eh ?

    • steveg

      Please tell us, how many coaches does it take to stop the spread offense.

      • L’Angelo Misterioso

        With Kiffin, 100 might not be enough !

  • Cheap seats

    At one press conference last season, you asked Kiffin why he decided to call a play for a throw to Soma Vainuku against Notre Dame during the goal line flop series.

    At first, i thought that he might be a great receiver during practices, but now there’s word that he’s dropping passes in spring pratice as well. Why do they keep insisting he can catch?

  • old_trojan_93

    What do you think of Farmer and Temple’s chances of contributing this year?

  • Was Tim Floyd ever officially reprimanded or exonerated over the allegations that he gave cash to whoever it was he allegedly gave cash to. The accusation is up on his Wikipedia page — but no follow-up.

  • Ben Factor

    Scott, you rated each QB a week ago. Will you please explain more specifically what you have observed at practice regarding each one in terms of strengths and weaknesses? Are those ratings your opinion regarding who is most proficient and should be the starter, or your opinion of what Kiffin will decide?



  • Scsyco

    DT is probably the biggest depth concern of the defense – if not the entire team – with only 6 players. How are the coaches dealing with this so far?

  • Spedjones

    Scott – have you seen anything at spring practice thus far that leads you to believe SC will be any better next year?

  • L’Angelo Misterioso

    You’re around Kiffin a lot, how many of these Narcissistic traits does he have ?

    Reacting to criticism with anger, shame, or humiliation
    Taking advantage of others to reach own goals
    Exaggerating own importance, achievements, and talents
    Imagining unrealistic fantasies of success, beauty, power,
    intelligence, or romance
    Requiring constant attention and positive reinforcement from others
    Becoming jealous easily
    Lacking empathy and disregarding the feelings of others
    Being obsessed with self
    Pursuing mainly selfish goals
    Trouble keeping healthy relationships
    Becoming easily hurt and rejected
    Setting goals that are unrealistic
    Wanting “the best” of everything
    Appearing unemotional


    What is going on with Swim With Mike? The swim stadium is under construction and the football scrimmage is at the Coliseum during the same time frame. Why are Kiffin and Mike Rae’s caddy hurting the SWM charity? Note: Lane recognized me at Thursday’s practice and still shook my hand. It looks like he wants to improve relations within the Trojan family.

  • steveg

    Scott, you sound so pessimistic in your blog. Have you given thought to starting fresh with a new year and get some more optomistic type of thoughts running on here? If not, why not.

    • Take a knee, Vulfman, I haff GOT zis!

      Lil’ Steefy, if you vant wanilla blog’ go elsevhere!! Zis is zee VULFMAN’s blog, all sveeeeet shcooops, all zee time!!!

  • disqus_VUjSQDSAjP

    Do you think that Mike Garrett would have pulled the trigger on Kiffin is he was still around as AD? He hired him but he also did not tolerate a mediocre football program, see Robinson 2 and Hackett.l

    • Maybe, but he would not have sat back all season like his successor did.

      • L’Angelo Misterioso

        MG was and still is in a fog

  • dtksr1

    In your opinion Scott, for the last 2/3 years in not signing more top D-linemen the fault of Lane Kiffin being viewed as a headcoach they don’t want to play for? Or is it Coach Orgeron not the coach the players want coaching them? It has got to be one or the other.

  • oneohsixseven

    What Coliseum renovations are planned and/or are under construction for September 7th?

  • Vulfman, now zat zee Tvin Towers haff derstroyt Cantu’s chances at beink namt zee permanent coach, do you sink zee Trojinx haff a schance at hirink Mark Few??

    AH! AH! AH! AH! just kiddink, Vulfman! AH! AH! AH!

    Vhat about Phil Jackson?? AH! AH! AH!

    (sorry Vulfman!) AH! AH! AH!

  • wolfman, i have spent several days reviewing my tabbed copy of the NCAA Infractions Committee Report dated 5-25-11. DONT FORGET wolfman, the trOXans are on PROBATION unitl 6-14-14!!!

    concerning the probationary status, the report CLEARLY STATES “EMPHASIS shall be placed on managing Student Athlete Activities” at all times!!

    i have to wonder if letting players run amok on the road, in bars, with NO curfews, in highly intoxicated states with no oversight qualifies as LOIC???

    unfortunately i have studied this EXTENSIVELY and i have no choice but to believe this is so. agree??

  • Troy

    Hey Wolf appreciate the work and the blog. Have met you a few times and enjoyed the talk.

    What is your opinion of Haden and his work so far? What is the opinion of him in the eyes of people you encounter at the university and outside? He is a total joke in my opinion. What has improved under his watch? Nothing. Football, Baseball and Basketball are in shambles and it falls on him. He is a puppet to the donors (Floyd interview) and can do nothing more than solicit donations which while beneficial, don’t create winning teams. Seems like Pat “the ego” Haden needs to focus on whats important and spend less time dancing like a fool, lining up roles in USC theatre productions and golfing. Too bad he has the Pres in his back pocket. We are stuck with the “ego” for quite some time.

  • gotroy22

    It seems that the idea of an independent press is foreign to many today, be it the fawning White House press corps adoration of President Obama or the rah rah coverage of many sports reportersas we see on ESPN, 710AM or at the LA Times. Does it bother you that so many readers want you to be a lap dog for USC athletics and only report happy news and was there a specific USC professor that influenced your old school journalism style?