USC Morning Buzz

One last word on the Max Wittek injury. Part of this drive to have a quarterback hold stems from the time-wasting formation USC’s lined up for extra points the past three seasons.

The Trojans are ineffective on two-point conversions out of that formation but it keeps the quarterback as the holder on those plays and means there is a potential for injury. This is where special teams coach John Baxter needs to relax and just line up and kick. Then he can use someone else to hold.

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  • Ben Factor

    Fair point for discussion, especially before the depth chart at QB is established.

  • Golden Trojan

    Wolf got to give credit when it’s due! You are spot on. I can’t believe the potential starting QB gets rolled up on during kicking drills in Spring BALL!!!! And you’re right, the extra point line up is useless, fools nobody, especially when you do it all the time. Put that formation out there once a game, late in the game and it might work. And use your back up QB for Goodness Sakes!