USC Suspends Basketball Players James Blasczyk and Dewayne Dedmon

Here is a statement from USC interim coach Bob Cantu: James Blasczyk and Dewayne Dedmon have been suspended indefinitely from all team activities because of a violation of a team rule.

“Separately, we are aware of the Spokane investigation into an alleged incident involving those players and we are cooperating with the authorities to determine the facts. Until we learn all the facts, it would be inappropriate to comment further.”

For background, here’s a story on the fight in downtown Spokane on Saturday night that reportedly involved USC players.

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  • Cadre: RIGHT AGAIN!!!!

    poor CantDo…..betrayed by his own team after he did so much for them.

  • Swoll Francis

    with o’neill gone, somebody has to carry on the tradition of drunken brawling

    o’neill was there in spirit like a force ghost looking on with pride

    • To be a force ghost you have to be dead.

      • marvgoux1

        Losing our two centers for attacking Spokane means SC basketball is dead for the season.

        • I’m not entirely convinced this is the event that ended our season; we weren’t exactly winning titles with them.

          • marvgoux1

            We could have used them tonight. The Sheik of Oraby was a warrior for us though.

          • Even still, unlikely we would have won the tournament, and even less likely we would have done anything significant there. Good riddance to this season.

          • marvgoux1

            There’s such parity- did you see the Scummies almost beat fucla?

  • This isn’t Can’tDo’s fault…..It’s HADEN. Where the F is he???? Out golfing with Job Hopper. Dear God, PLEASE bring back Garrett before SC athletics is as bad as Fucla.

    • Troy

      Agree…Word is that one of these players were going to be left off this trip do to poor behavior and conduct disruptive to the team. Haden was the one that ordered the player(s) to make the trip in an attempt to win at all costs…Dancing at games, acting in plays, what is this guy doing?

      • Independent_George

        B.S. You know nothing.

        • So George, you REALLY think Haden is doing a great job?

        • Troy

          You know nothing.

    • Bad study

      The same UCLA that won the Pac 12 in basketball, Pac 12 south in football, and just wiped SC in baseball. Hate to say it but Haden’s already knocked SC well below UCLA.

  • Just wondering, did Sam Gilbert bail out that Theta Chi accused of rape? Or was it JuCrew?

    • ThaiMex

      Where’s THE Sanctimonious Buffoon?…Family twit…are you there?
      Nubsie posts a No No, but because it’s directed at U-C-L-A, TWIT’S
      “racists’ sun glasses filter out offensive trash. Family Twit’s
      rationale,… it’s o.k. because he thinks NUBSIE is really Jewish….and ONLY a Jew can make fun of another Jew.
      “Sanctimonious hypocrites”…..By some chance…is your last name SHARPTON?
      fit on torgans (just don’t hit girls!)

  • Golden Trojan

    Two more rocks for brains athletes that blow an incredible opportunity to make something of themselves. BYE BYE James and Dewayne, hope you have a plan B.

  • ThaiMex

    Obviously…these guys learned a lot (drinking) from Coach O’Neil, but the PUNCHING OF WOMEN is WAY overboard. TWO Knuckle Dragging SEVEN (7) foot knuckleheads, drinking and fighting their way out of Spokane after getting their own a$$e$ handed to them on the Court earlier in the day. What is wrong with you people? Yup…I know it’s difficult to read, but you guys bring it on yourselves (Spittin’ and Gropin’ Tyler last year, Pommee just recently, now this?)
    I’ll NEVER refer to SUCks as “The Stanford of The West” again, out of respect to Stanford University. You guys are more like Miami (in the old days) or Ohio state.
    fit on! (but pleeeeeze no more Gropin’ or Punching Women!)

  • ThaiMex

    What about the other 5-8 CURRENT TEAM MEMBERS that were involved in the fight? How do those boneheads not get suspended? Cover ups are nothing new at good ol’ SUCks…
    fit on (but quit with the sucker punches aimed at girls)