USC Women’s Coach Michael Cooper Resigns

This was expected following another disappointing season and the fact Cooper never seemed to grasp being a college coach, where you need to recruit year-round and spend days in hot gyms.

There were rumblings yesterday he would be fired and of course his “resignation” was forced. This means USC does not have a permanent coach for 3 of the 4 biggest sports (men’s basketball, women’s basketball, baseball). And football is the only one that does.

7 thoughts on “USC Women’s Coach Michael Cooper Resigns

  1. will the last coach turn out the lights???

    wolfman, soon, perhaps as early as October, when Kiff is fired, you and the Cadre will be all that is left standing!!!!

    Geez Louise! there is scant little pieces left for the Cadre to scatter!!!

    on that day Chucker-Bucker will weep, on account of he has no more trOXans of an consequence left to destroy!!!! :(((((

  2. Okay, I’ll bite………….Kiffin is Permanent? And Baseball is bigger than Water Polo?

  3. And who said Haden was too timid to fire coaches? He’s cleaning house and taking names, the Agent Orange of A.D.s. He got Kiffin to clean his house. We Trojans are on our way. There’s a new sheriff in town boys and his name is Pat Haden! College dominance in football, basketball and baseball are right around the corner. Fight On!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Congrats….You are currently ranked as The #1 KOOL Aid drinkin’ RAH RAH on this site. Your “prize” (something warm, steamy, and soft, courtesy of my Doberman), will be delivered to you as soon as your i.d. has been confirmed.
      Fit on….just don’t hit any girls…

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