Mike Summers Semi-Connection To USC

New offensive line coach Mike Summers is the son-in-law of former Kentucky basketball coach Joe B. Hall, who won a national title in 1978. When USC coach Bob Boyd resigned in 1979, Trojans athletic director Dick Perry tried to hire Hall.

When Hall informed Perry how much money it would require to hire him, Perry quickly moved on.

“He reminded me (that USC wanted to hire him when I got hired),” Summer said.

Let’s see if money becomes an issue during USC’s current basketball coaching search.

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  • Golden Trojan

    Wolf, O’Neil was getting a top 20 salary. Money is not an issue.

  • my gawwwd, can you imagine a coach electing to come to southern cal and their the DMV campus and having Mr Bean as your big returning player??


    but then, ex-trOXan players’ kids wont even go there!!! so watcha gon’ do??

    • TrojanFamily

      What exactly is a DMV campus? One you drive to? One where you register your car? A reference to standing in line (which much better describes UCLA as a huge state institution). I think you are trying to be clever and call it a DMZ campus–a reference to the division of the Korean Peninsula. Go ahead and edit, Chuckles. Your sad attempts at trolling should at least makes a modicum of sense.

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        • WingsHD

          Your home country is calling for you to return.

    • TrojanFan

      You’re nothing but a stupid lame a$$ troll, your obsession with this blog and wolfman in particular is bizarre and creeeeepy. People of sound mind don’t display this type of behavior, in other words GET A LIFE

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        • TrojanFan

          Looks like you proved my point…..troll on idiot!

  • TrojanFan

    Who cares what happened back in the 70’s

  • steveg