Regarding Farmer

Just a quick word on George Farmer before USC gives an official report on how long he will be out. It is worth remembering he did not redshirt two years ago (when he should have been given a year to learn the offense) and Lane Kiffin said it didn’t matter because he would turn pro in three years anyways.

I’m not sure why he wasn’t redshirted and I’m really not sure why he wasn’t given more time with the track team to build up his hamstrings, etc., by the coaches this winter.

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  • TrojanFan

    Hey wolfman, why do you ask more questions than you answer?. I know it’s hard to get answers when no one around the football program has any respect for you. Maybe one of your unidentified sources can help you out again

  • Independent_George

    Farmer = Whitney Lewis = Kyle Prater=Vidal Hazelton.

    Actually, Lewis > Farmer/Prater/Hazelton. Lewis flunked out. Farmer could not learn the offense and stay healthy. Prater is having trouble cracking playing time at Northwestern. Hazelton went into obscurity at Cinncinati.

    Anyway, build up Farmer’s hamstrings? And his sholuder is now hurt? And USC doesn’t even practice that physically anymore. He would have never lasted under PC.

    You don’t coddle recruits like you would a rookie pitcher. If his hamstrings were so underdeveloped, why was he a five-star recruit? Why did so many services say he would contribute right out of the gate. This is big boy football. If he can’t stay healthy, he should concentrate on his classes. It only gets more brutal in the NFL.

    And why should USC coddle him? How is that fair to Agholor or Blackwell or Rogers or Flournoy or Mitchell? He was supposed to contribute right away. That is what all the recruting services wrote. Lee and Woods and Agholor and RoJo and Jarrett and Turner and BMW all did.

    Sometimes these five-stars miss.

    • Cheap seats

      They probably kept insisting he was another DAT with all that speed.

    • TrojanFamily

      The recruiting services all focus on physicality. They seem to only ask if someone looks like a football player. They consistently miss on make-up issues. While star ratings matter, so many fans who follow and even worship at their altar forget that they are only based on physicality and projectibility (such as will they grow into their bodies). A guy missing is not necessarily an indictment of the coaching staff. But I am with you…if a guy falls behind and others pass him, move on. It seems like this is a toughness issue–something that isn’t rated highly in the recruiting services.

      • Independent_George

        In fairness, it is hard to project toughness re receivers in high school because of the disparity in talent. Farmer, because of his speed, sure looked like a five-star, especially compared against kids many of whom are not being recruited by major conference programs.

        • TrojanFamily

          Agreed. I don’t casually think the services can count for toughness. I just think it is yet another cautionary tale for fans who focus too much on star ratings and presume they predict success. And if the player doesn’t develop it is the coaches fault. There just are so many other factors that the services do not take into account.

          • Independent_George

            “And if the player doesn’t develop it is the coaches fault.”

            That tends to be the attitude of most writers and a lot of message board posters.

  • steveg

    Did we really expect Farmer to come out and NOT hurt something? The guy is snake bit. Man, I sure wish I’m wrong.

  • Hamstrings wouldn’t have helped his shoulder injury.

  • ThaiMex

    U Stupid Clowns over at BONEHEAD U are ONE BIG ACCIDENT looking for a place to happen. Go back a couple of years when you Brain Surgeons landed farmer but were jilted by DAT. Here’s a couple of things that were said at the time…
    re: Farmer….Lane Kiffin said it didn’t matter because he would turn pro in three years anyways.
    re: DAT…”He’s too small to play and will probably end up hurt”.
    We all know how this one ended up….’Insert foot in mouth”.
    Heck…this type of stuff happens all the time on all levels. Wasn’t it just a few years ago you fools (EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU) were touting the Goat Boy hire as BRILLIANT? You loved everything about him, while UCLA fans were amused that you’d hire a guy that had a 500 record as head Coach.

    When does water polo season start?
    fit on, but no spitin’, gropin’ or punching women, o.k.?

    • Boring

    • Golden Trojan

      Thai-Thai-Thai, you were here the last 3 months when we all were bitchin’ about Kiffin. Kiffin is the man for another season. He has to produce on the potential so many thought he had when he was hired. Recruits are a crap shoot, can 18 year old boys become men, can they adjust from high school to college let alone D-1 football? That’s why numbers matter and limited scholies matter.

      • ThaiMex

        NUMBERS MATTER???? Then why in the heck can’t Goat Boy make it work with SEVENTY FIVE (75) of the finest recruits in the Nation? Heck, you only play ELEVEN (11) at the same time. During the course of a regular season game, how many players actually get on the field for playing time? I’d guess during that number is around 50. There’s still room for TWENTY FIVE (25) additional ALL STAR RECRUITS and more walk ons. . The only time it doesn’t work is when you over recruit in areas and neglect others (or in this particular instance, It won’t work when you have a DOPE for a Head Coach). This brings me to my next and final point.
        Across town at U-C-L-A, Coach Ben Howland has made it to the Conference Tournament Championship Game with just SEVEN (7) Scholarship Players. No complaining here…just pointing out the differences between SUCks and U-C-L-A.
        fit on……just sayin’ (that still sounds sooooo QUEER!)

    • TrojanFamily

      Troll. Seriously, consider making a positive contribution at some point in your life. Try giving blood. Build a house with Habitat for Humanity. Spending your life trolling is just a sad existence.

      • Old School Trojan

        Oh yeah. Like you and T-Fail are a couple of humanitarians. What stupid idiots.

        • betomas


          • TrojanFan

            3:00 am and you’re up trolling this site, what dedication!

            another WIN!

            were the multiple personalities getting restless?

        • TrojanFan

          Another lame a$$ idiot with multiple handles, nice!

    • TrojanFan

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    • WingsHD

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