Luck Of The Irish

Pat Haden loves the tradition of Notre Dame and he donned light green pants and dark green Izod shoes yesterday at USC in anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day. Perhaps it was also to celebrate the removal of Michael Cooper (and Kevin O’Neill and Frank Cruz).

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  • TrojanFan

    The wolfman doing what he does best, trolling his own blog….What a class act!

  • Yes, lets fish for Irish trolls…

  • Golden Trojan

    “celebrate the removal”, really, don’t you think he would prefer to have these programs be winning? It’s never pleasant firing someone, no matter who you or they are. More like he is now hopeful these teams will get it together.

  • Swoll Francis

    what, like you guys don’t wear green pants and green shoes after you fire somebody?

    • Independent_George


  • L’Angelo Misterioso

    Haden loves ND, wants SC to be ND, wished he would have gone to ND, freaking traitor

    • Independent_George

      it would be nice if the next AD would like SC a little bit more.

  • Another opportunity to make a fool of himself.