USC Morning Buzz

If you are feeling nostalgic, here is Pete Carroll addressing recruits last weekend at the L.A. Nike Camp in Redondo Beach.

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  • dtksr1

    You can feel the intensity building in his message. He doesn’t yell or scream, he puts a kind of ,” we are here to work, work hard and we are going to have fun working hard knowing you are going to get better and wind up playing top ball”. That was always PC’s message, follow me and we will win. Not sure USC players get this message from its present messenger today….

  • dtksr1

    PC and possibly Urban Meyer are the only coaches on the same level as Nick Saban. Stanford’s David Shaw might arrive there too if he keeps building his program. Other coaches, though very good, haven’t had the ability to keep their program at the top more than a year at a time. That basically is the real challenge.

    • are you high so early dude?? comparing Cheatey, who cannot claim ONE natty despite having the best talent of any school for ten years????

      the other two fellas have several of something that is called a BCS trophy!!! you kooky trOXans and your BCS-Champeeenship-less Dynasty!!!


      unfreaking BELIEVABLE!!no wonder everyone calls southern cal Yesterday U!!!

      • What’s even sadder is that everyone call Fucla NEVER U.

      • WingsHD

        Have they fired Howland yet?

      • TrojanFan

        Just a lame a$$, jealous, pathetic troll, get a life. Your a joke and everyone laughs at you

        Get the eye and limp fixed and maybe someone will hire you

        BCS who?…AP titles are just as good. Try winning at least one BCS game before you start running your mouth, idiot

        6-0 in BSC games,unprecedented, enough said!

        • gotroy22

          Why doesn’t Shaw get more love from the NFL?