Injury Report

Tailback Silas Redd is out for the rest of spring with a torn meniscus. Tight end Xavier Grimble suffered a broken rib Thursday and may miss the rest of spring. Offensive lineman Chad Wheeler (knee) is also out for spring.

QB Max Wittek threw in warmups but did not practice today.

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  • Ben Factor

    As a layman, I am inclined to think that the team has to practice with hitting, and has to play at full speed. Injuries will follow.

    I’m sure that Kiffin thought about that last year, when he decided NOT to practice that way. Without fast, physical practices, the season went poorly.

    So, Kiffin thought about it this year, and decided that USC must practice fast and hard. If there are a lot of key injuries, next season may go poorly as well.

    At this time, I think Kiffin is doing what must be done–trying something different from what has already failed. It may improve things, it may not.

    Kiffin IS responding to reallity, and he is experimenting. I really commend that. It’s the essence of leadership.

    That doesn’t mean he’s going to get the result that we all want. Sometimes life doesn’t serve up win-win situations.

    • TrojanFan

      Hey Ben, you’ve been on a roll today, nice job!

      Good post!

    • Ted

      It’s hard to imagine Southern Cal doing worse then last year’s pitiful 7-6 record. With the level of talent that SC has, it is unfathomable to think that repeat of last season is possible….but Kiffin has been known to achieve much less with so much more.

  • Cheap seats

    Anyone know how Silas’ durability was at Penn State?

    If there was one position that couldn’t afford an injury, it was RB. If we throw 40x a game with this oline, you could bet on 7+ loses.

    • Ted

      Silas was durable at Penn St. Never really been hurt.

  • TrojanFan

    Wish we could get some info on how the other RB’s are doing! Is Tre Madden practicing?

    • Cheap seats

      You can listen to the pressers on YouTube. Kiffin covers the RBs in the last video. You can also recongnize Wolf’s West Hollywood accent in the questions.

      I’ll likely go to practice this Tues or next and I’ll make sure I’ve got a roster handy to recognize the new numbers.

  • ThaiMex

    Silas was injured last year, so why will this year be any different? Morgan? You gotta be kidding…he’ll end up on some injured report soon (just like before). With no running game (your best options are a converted D.B. and a freshman), your Q.B.’s are going to spend most afternoons flat on their backs. Maybe GOAT BOY should not have recruited so many receivers while neglecting other positions. The SWISS CHEESE defense (where are the linemen?) and patchwork O-line (games are won or lost in the trenches) are going to make this years season , one to remember. FIVE and EIGHT (5-8)…’s gonna be G-R-E-A-T!
    fit on…just sayin’ (why does the “just say’in” thing sound sooooo QUEER?)

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Break it down Thai!!!!