Answer Monday!

Time to answer some readers’ football questions.

Q: L’Angelo Misterioso

You’re around Kiffin a lot, how many of these Narcissistic traits does he have ?

Reacting to criticism with anger, shame, or humiliation
Taking advantage of others to reach own goals
Exaggerating own importance, achievements, and talents
Imagining unrealistic fantasies of success, beauty, power,
intelligence, or romance
Requiring constant attention and positive reinforcement from others
Becoming jealous easily
Lacking empathy and disregarding the feelings of others
Being obsessed with self
Pursuing mainly selfish goals
Trouble keeping healthy relationships
Becoming easily hurt and rejected
Setting goals that are unrealistic
Wanting “the best” of everything
Appearing unemotional

A:) We all know his shortcomings. I will say he hassmiled more and made an effort to try to be a little more human to fans. But whether this is sincere or a response to Pat Haden’s suggestions, only he can answer.

Q: Spedjones •

Scott – have you seen anything at spring practice thus far that leads you to believe SC will be any better next year?

A: I think safety Su’a Cravens is an exciting player and I think Clancy Pendergast and Mike Summers are coaching upgrades. That is reason for optimism. Whether USC is better will depend on whether the players believe in Lane Kiffin, especially after the first loss next year. And whether there is sufficient depth. After two weeks, more than 10 players are out of spring drills and that would have a big impact if this were the real season.

I’ve said this since 2010: The key is how players respond under adversity because it is questionable if Kiffin can inspire them when things sour. Last year was the perfect example. Pete Carroll was the master at motivation. So if USC starts losing, it becomes a primary issue.

Q: gotroy22

It seems that the idea of an independent press is foreign to many today, be it the fawning White House press corps adoration of President Obama or the rah rah coverage of many sports reporters as we see on ESPN, 710AM or at the LA Times. Does it bother you that so many readers want you to be a lap dog for USC athletics and only report happy news and was there a specific USC professor that influenced your old-school journalism style?


A: I usually do not read the comments so that I am not influenced by readers. I know my reports often anger fans. But I expect fans will be unhappy if they don’t agree with what they read. Their are plenty of options if you are a USC fan these days and the fan-based web sites provide plenty of positive coverage. So if someone wants rah-rah coverage, they can go to those websites.

I didn’t really have one professor that influenced me, it was probably more the reporters that I was able to work around as a student. The late Mal Florence of the Los Angeles Times was a great person and reporter to be around and observe.


Q: Charles Bucket

wolfman, i have spent several days reviewing my tabbed copy of the NCAA Infractions Committee Report dated 5-25-11. DONT FORGET wolfman, the trOXans are on PROBATION unitl 6-14-14!!!

concerning the probationary status, the report CLEARLY STATES “EMPHASIS shall be placed on managing Student Athlete Activities” at all times!!

i have to wonder if letting players run amok on the road, in bars, with NO curfews, in highly intoxicated states with no oversight qualifies as LOIC???

unfortunately i have studied this EXTENSIVELY and i have no choice but to believe this is so. agree??


A: I think the NCAA referred to things like agents or boosters influencing athletes and not getting into fights in bars. If that was the issue, a lot of schools might be facing the death penalty.

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  • Jethro G Sabbath

    Bucket gets bitch-slapped again – Sweet!!!

    • i graciously accept the wolfman’s verdict. he is the most fiercely independent beat writer in the nation, so occasionally we may disagree.

      so let it be written so let it be done!

      • TrojanFan

        Your idiot just made you look like an idiot, troll on!

        I heard the cadre had a rather large butt dart tournament over the weekend….OUCH!!!!!!

    • Swoll Francis

      slapped in the crotch by the wolfmen! ow!!

  • ThaiMex

    Gotta love scotty for telling it like it is…If you RAH RAH’s want it Sugar coated, you’ve got plenty of other choices…Of course, some idiots would rather stay here and bitch and complain all the time.

    Like scotty say’s….nobody is forcing you fools to read his material….you have plenty of other choices. Lot’s of us would be glad to see you go.
    Fit on…..just sayin’ (Sayin’ “Just sayin'”sounds soooooo Queer!)

    • Boring

    • TrojanFan

      Hey bucket, you got kick to the curb so you had to come back as Thaibean, what a fuking idiot!