McQuay Stays In L.A.

Most USC players went home for spring break but freshman defensive back Leon McQuay said he is staying here instead of going back to Florida. McQuay said he is happy to stay on campus and doesn’t mind if most students leave.

If nothing else, he will be able to work out and stay in shape without any distractions.

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  • MichiganTrojan

    Also, Antwuan Woods spotted at the nearby Chano’s tacqueria. This will help him keep on enough weight to stay at NT.

    Cody Temple says he will watch about 7-8 movies in the next week or so. This will help put his nerves at ease, which have been frayed with school and practice.

    Lane Kiffin was rumored to have gotten an oil change in Torrance. If a coach who goes 7-6 gets his oil changed in Torrance, does that mean that Jim Mora gets his oil changed in Century City?

    • Swoll Francis

      the real question is — where does chip kelly get his oil changed? look for kiff and sark to do the same

      uh oh kick to crotch again wolfmen!