The Top 25

Here is my ballot for the Associated Press college basketball poll:

1. Gonzaga

2. Louisville

3. Kansas

4. Ohio State

5. Miami

6. Indiana

7. Duke

8. Georgetown

9. New Mexico

10. Michigan State

11. Saint Louis

12. Kansas State

13. Marquette

14. Memphis

15. Syracuse

16. Pittsburgh

17. Florida

18. Michigan

19. Oklahoma State

20. Creighton

21. Oregon

22. Wisconsin

23. Notre Dame

24. Belmont

25. Colorado State

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  • AHHHHHH! the NCAA’s!!!


    the most exciting time in all sports!!!

    oh, the PAGEANTRY!!!! the THRILLS!!

    I am getting ALL TINGLY!!!!
    (and i mean EVERYWHERE!! if you KNOW what i mean!!!

    SOOOOO….where did the trOXans get shipped off to? some crazy Southen Regional??? oh we hear ‘ya!!! crazy times!!!

    • Swoll Francis

      do you mean your crotch? tingly from kicks by the wolfmen?