USC Morning Buzz

We hear USC athletic director Pat Haden recently met with St. John Bosco basketball coach Derrick Taylor. The meeting’s purpose was to hear a high school coach give his views on who would be the best choice as a basketball coach for USC.

Kind of a unique way of going about finding a coach. Ironically, Bosco guard Isaac Hamilton is going to UTEP next season to play for Tim Floyd. Last month’s interview with Floyd was more of a courtesy, though, as Pitt’s Jamie Dixon remains the preferred choice.

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  • AH! AH! AH!

    Bounce Passer is meetink vis a High School coach for adwice?

    Zis high school Charlie vill tell him to shoose Rick Patino!!

    AH! AH! AH!

    Thanks for zee gumball, Vulfman!!

    By zee vay, if Jamie Dixon is zee next trojie coach, I vill go avay from zis BLOG foreffer!! I guaran-fink-tee!!!

    • Swoll Francis

      so haden you know what to do

  • ThaiMex

    PERFECTOMUNDO!!!!!!!! While Coaching at Taft, Woodland Hills, Coach Taylor was found in violation of RULES more often than other High School Basketball Coach in the Southern section! The rules violations usually pertained to some sort of “recruiting Violations” year after year after year. Perhaps you guys can learn a few new tricks from Coach Taylor since that “Cash in the Envelope” thing and the “recruiting that guy who was nicknamed “dumber than a sack of Hammers”…didn’t work out so well. (I gotta hand it to you though…I laughed when Mayo busted Hackett’s Jaw….He deserved it…..Fit On!

  • Maybe Haden will interview Billy Barty from the Boy’s Club.