A Question About The 5-2 Defense

Does Clancy Pendergast’s new formation affect recruiting because there are only two true linebackers? For example, USC is currently using Hayes Pullard at middle linebacker and Anthony Sarao at weakside linebacker.

Lamar Dawson, who Lane Kiffin said had the best five practices of his career in spring drills, is backing up Sarao despite that praise. And if he doesn’t move to safety, Dion Bailey could play linebacker.

Would a high school linebacker think twice about coming to USC if there is one less linebacker position?

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  • If we know anything about Lanie it’s that when he praises someone in the spring or fall, they never see the field, his words are hollow like his head.

  • dtksr1 @dslextreme.com

    Correct me if I am wrong, but NFL defenses use 2 linebackers and a roving monster (backer-defensive end) like the packers. This is what Pendergast uses. Not sure what this question is about?

  • timtrojan

    Scott showing his knowledge of the game again.

  • steveg

    Would Pendy be so dumb to run 5-2 always? I think not. We just got rid of an inflexible DC. Linebackers as always will be dying to come to USC, make no mistake about it. The ones we don’t want will perhaps go to jucla.

  • TrojanFan

    Hey wolfman, when to comes to X’s and O’s you and betomas really struggle, maybe soccer is your true calling

    Ask one of your unnamed sources for help

    • Cheap seats

      Yup. I’d hate to imagine what he thinks a 46 defense is!

  • Cheap seats

    Haha. Wolf thinks 5-2 means FIVE true defensive linemen! How did he get his press credentials again?

    Of course LBs would want to come here. It’s the one gap guys who would need to be more flexible