It’s A Wacky Business

Earlier today I mentioned Bob Cantu might be a possible candidate for the Cal State Northridge job. But last week I heard an even more entertaining story: Former USC coach Henry Bibby expressed interest in the job.

Talk about a great way to alienate any fans/boosters at Northridge. Here’s your coach, who doesn’t want to deal with the public, the media and is likely to make your players’ miserable. Who wouldn’t hire him?

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  • Charles Bucket

    another sugar sweeet Healy reference!!!

    SUBLIME, wolfman!!!!

  • dtksr1

    Henry Bibby can win if he is given the chance. He will persevere as long as he has to, to succeed. He has too much John Wooden in him to ever give up, so he won’t quit, ever. If that is what Northridge wants, they got their man. Just don’t expect him to be a social butterfly as a head coach. That’s not his style.

    • Charles Bucket

      dtksr1: i love you, man (sniffle-sniffle)

    • Ben Doverz

      Bibby is an azz clown, period.

      • Joe Blow

        And a bRuin

    • Independent_George

      And expect him to do dumb azz stuff like benching his best outside shooter for 25 minutes of a Tournament game because you want to make a point.

      Bibby is a one act man in a three act world.