• he doesn’t sound too happy about losing those clown shoes, doe he wolfman?? sugar sweeeet morning scooop!!!!

    AS ALWAYS, the wolfman is CORRECT!!! Chip leaves and Kiff immed stops copying him!!!!

    wolfman, while the Dummies around here play checkers, you are playing holo-chess!!!

    • TrojanFan

      MAN CRUSH, enough said!!!!!

    • Cheap seats

      I thought you liked Wolf in high heels when in bed with you?

  • Chad Parker

    Wolf, let me guess. The change to black cleats is because of all the injuries from tackling at spring practice. No wait, Oregon is going back to black cleats and Kiffin is just copying them. Sarkisian is next to follow.

  • SD Phil

    Turn the page on the cleats already!

  • Swoll Francis

    kick to the crotch with cleats on! these wolfmen kick nowhere but crotches!

  • Get a grip Wolf you could lose touch with reality. Oh wait too late.