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A high school basketball coach, who shall remain nameless, said he was contacted by former USC coach Tim Floyd and asked to contact USC’s administration and lobby for Floyd to get the job.

This would confirm that Floyd is highly interested in the USC job despite what he might say about being happy at UTEP. And it now adds some sense to why St. John Bosco coach Derrick Taylor met with USC.

One of Taylor’s top players, Isaac Hamilton, signed with UTEP. Wonder if Floyd is telling USC he will bring Hamilton with him.

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  • betomas

    Wolf, if you happen to read this, because I know you always say you don’t read comments, know that I’m not a rah rah sunshine puming foolish fan and that I don’t mind factual-based stories of the program, even if the picture is not pretty all the time. However, no reporter should EVER start a sentence with the words “Wonder if,” not only for grammatical reasons, but more importanly for professional and ethical reasons.

    WTF’s going on, Wolf?

    • betomas

      By the way, who do you guys think is the biggest rah rah fan on this blog? I have a feeling that many of you will agree on your answers.

      • Wolf also uses “anyways”.

        • betomas

          Yup. I’ve seen him write that. At very least they should hire someone to spell-check Wolf’s blog.

          • TrojanFamily

            Betomas, here’s hoping someone reads the comments to Scott. I have no idea how he passed his Writing 340 class. Perhaps he petitioned out of it on the grounds that he wanted tobe a sports journalist and hence had no need for expository skills.

          • betomas

            The way he writes is embarrassing at times. The good thing is that he’s toned down his Kiffin hate as of late and he’s writing more thoughtful articles, if ever so slightly, but it’s a step in the right direction.

      • NOBS?

        • betomas

          TrojanFail might be NOBS in diguise.

  • “remain nameless”…how many HS coaches do you thing Floyd said this to? I’m guessing Floyd now knows who spoke.

  • Wow, Tim Floyd act underhanded? No way.

  • wolfman, you did it AGAIN!!!!

    leave it to the wolfman to dig out this sugary sweeeeet scooooooop…on the first day of spring!!! when a young beat writer’s fancy turns to…SCOOPS!!!!!

  • Swoll Francis

    floyd should have called the Fat Booster to lobby on his behalf

  • old_trojan_93