Don’t Make Too Big A Deal Of Spring Evaluations

There is no doubt USC’s incoming freshmen, like safety Su’a Cravens and wide receiver Darreus Rogers, made a big impact during the first two weeks of spring practice. And defensive tackle Kenny Bigelow did a nice job in last weekend’s scrimmage.

One question, though, is whether some of the freshmen performances are being magnified because they usually make their debut in August with a full roster. That is not the case with Cravens, who is a superb athlete. Rogers looks like the real deal too but remember he is going against a depleted secondary right now compared to what would be the case in August.

That doesn’t mean he can’t be the No. 3 wide receiver but it also means some spring evaluations should be tempered.

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  • Gilligan

    I guess we can expect some “real” journalism in the Fall compare to the Spring or Summer. Or is this the best journalism that the Daily News can provide for USC sports?

  • Not bad Wolfman. When you give it a little effort you can actually be decent sometimes. Now why don’t we try for all of the time?

  • ThaiMex

    Exactly scotty!…Remember the RAH RAH’S going goo goo gaa gaa when FIVE STAR RECRUIT Dillon was tearing it up against the torgan defense a couple of pre seasons ago? Well it turned out….MOST TEAMS had successful ground games against Monty’s SUCks defense that year. What a backfield back then….you had Dillon Smokin’ and Tyler spittin’ & a gropin’!
    Good ol’ LIMBO U, where there’s only ONE WAY TO GO….LOWER!
    fit on torgans!

    • TrojanFan

      Dude, every time you open your mouth it reeks like a mixture of penis and ass….just sayin

      I FEEL SO ALIVE, the ruins took an a$$ whipping from a #11 seed…haha!

  • Cheap seats

    Isn’t Lamar Dawson looking good in camp as well? Maybe he will be worthy of wearing #55 this year?