How Do You Feel About Jamie Dixon?

Would you be excited if USC signed Dixon? Did you want someone else like Shaka Smart of VCU instead? Or is there someone else USC should be trying to hire?

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  • Bring him on!

  • ThaiMex

    Shaka Smart???? You gotta be kidding….For U Stupid Clowns…Maxwell Smart would be more appropriate….
    fit on torgans (but no slugging women)

    • TrojanFamily

      Chuckles is using his angry racial stereotype account. Someone must have missed nap time.

    • Boring

    • NoMercy

      Go Make Me TaCo. Extra Salsa.

    • TrojanFan

      What a D!CK…get a life you fuking troll. Why do you continue to troll this blog when everyone laughs at your pathetic A$$……Normal people don’t behave like you do. You have some type of mental defect, please get the head checked out

  • marvgoux1

    Why would you hire a over-hyped proven underachiever at Pitt? There certainly are many hungry coaches from teams like Florida Gulf Coast University or LaSalle to choose from. Pat Haden acts like we are a mid-major. We are SC!

  • Independent_George

    Shaka Smart would be more exciting and has more upside, but Smart might also have a little too much flair for Haden. He liked Tommy Amaker. ‘Nough said.

    Also, Smart might use SC as a stepping stone for a Kansas-level program. No matter how many times one screams “We are SC”, this is still not a destination B-Ball program. Could be and should be, but ion March of 2013, it isn’t.

    Dixon is a good fit for what Haden wants in head coach. And he isn’t likely to go anywhere. Besides, it’s not like he is going to have to coach against Roy Williams or Bill Self or Jim Boeheim or recruit against Calipari year after year. The “gold standard” coach in the Pac-12 is Howland, if he might be fired in the next year, if not sooner.

    • TrojanFamily

      I don’t mind the possibility of being used as a stepping stone. There’s not a PAC 12 program out there that wouldn’t be a stepping stone to Kansas or an ACC program. My concern with Dixon is that he might be leaving town before he is run out because of his tournament disappointments. I’d rather target a hotshot assistant with high energy like Mike Hopkins at Syracuse. Honestly, USC needs a coach that will play an up-tempo game and who just outworks the rival schools for Southern California recruits (rather than other teams’ castoffs and transfers). Floyd did that but had questionable ethics. If. We could get a coach with Floyd’s style but just a better guy, that’s the ideal.

      • betomas

        Are you a fly on Heritage Hall’s walls? Is that how you know this?

        • TrojanFan

          Where are YOUR inside sources? Exactly, there never was any. I know who you are, troll on!

          • betomas

            Oh…you’re definitely a fly on the wall, THAT’S how you know this! (Ha! Lame!!)

    • Bru-Crew_UCLA

      Shaka’s last name is “Smart,” not dumb. He will be UCLA’S next BB coach. Why on earth would he coach at suc central when he can have to key’s to westwood? Be smart or at least fake it when U post…..

      • He can get kids that lie and cheat. Perfect for fucla.

      • carter

        Well, it looks like he might have a chance to coach at ucla after tonight’s 20 point loss.
        Will Howland be fired tonight or tomorrow is the only question.
        Talk about Shabby & ucla – both one and done!
        Nice job bRuins.
        Well, at least there is one southern california team remaining in the tournament – San Diego State!

      • TrojanFamily

        I’m not sure why he would want to work for public higher Ed in a state that clearly no longer supports it. UCLA fans demand championships but the program doesn’t pay their coaches for it. If they run Howland out after the successes he’s had, the position may well become much less attractive than you think. They did the same to Lavin. Coaches watch this sort of thing and it affects their choices.

      • steveg

        you need help, where is bucket on here when you need him. jucla sucks, they just proved it.

        • Bru-Crew_UCLA

          hang yourself with your confederate flag.

      • TrojanFamily

        With the game VCU is playing vs Michigan, he’d be perfect over there at Berkeley’s branch campus.

      • Independent_George

        Zzzzzz . . . . . . . . . .

        Where is Thai/Mex?

        Better trolls, please!


    I’d like Joe Scott to get a look. He’s young and currently is leading DU to the two best seasons ever.

  • YAWN

  • Hire the coach from Floria Gulf Coast, and we’ll have a coach with a hotter wife than Kiffin.

    • gotroy22

      He would be a great hire! He has NBA experience as well as being an assistant in the ACC and is said to be an excellent teacher in fundamentals like Mike Montgomery.

  • bRuins look like clowns. What a disgrace. Shabummer is horrible. ……LOL

  • My sides are killing me. ShaaaaaaaaCLANK

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here 2.0

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  • NoMercy