Jamie Dixon Signs 10-Year Contract Extension To Remain At Pitt

Dixon was USC’s No. 1 choice to become the basketball coach but Pitt announced today that he signed a 10-year extension.

Dixon said he will “finish his career at the University of Pittsburgh.”

“Pitt and Pittsburgh are home,” Dixon added.

If I recall correctly, Pitt also gave Dixon an extension the last time USC wanted him four years ago.

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  • HAWR-HAWR!!!

    Bounce Pass puts two tubes of lipstick on the pig and Dixon STILL leaves southern cal crying in the rain!!!

    you wanna talk about your ultimate HUMILIATING KICK IN THE CROTCH…WOW, this was it!!

  • USC dodged a bullet there, he’s Ben Howland lite. How did ucla do last night? Oh that’s right, they got BOMBED

  • Bru-Crew_UCLA

    suc town got B.I. itched slapped again. LOL!!!!!! No decent coach, much less agreat coach will take that combustible job. There is a perpetual sink hole underneath suc towns mens / senior living BB team. Paul Westphal will take the job. He can’t keep a head coaching job in BB anywhere else. They haven’t been on the College BB radar since he played there.

  • MichiganTrojan

    Scott knew all along that he was going to sign a ridiculous unprecedented contract. He was only pumping juice into this story, and the Shaka Smart story (of all schools), because he knows USC fans hang on every fake word that Pat Haden never discusses openly. Keep holdin a mirror to the hypocrisy Scott! no crow involved here anywhere!

  • JJ4SC

    Once again DBag Wolf shows how he’s a total fraud as a reporter. He had Dixon all but hired as the next coach. He has no inside sources, no sources of any kind. He’s a joke who wouldn’t qualify for most high school newspapers. You suck DBag.