Some More Names For USC Job

CBS’s basketball writers made picks for the USC job and Shaka Smart of Virginia Commonwealth, Buzz Williams of Marquette, Josh Pastner of Memphis and Syracuse assistant Mike Hopkins get mentioned. Link here.

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  • Mark

    Andy Edfield from Florida Gulf Coast is missing from the list, fast breaks, recruits would be knocking on Galen doors

  • TrojanFamily

    Mike Brown could win at UCLA. He’d need LeBron though.

    • ThaiMex

      Yup…that’s the name of the game over at U-C-L-A. That’s why UCLA leads the Nation in NCAA Championships! It’s also the NUMBER 1 school in the Nation when it comes to applicants (finding a BIG NAME Coach for Basketball, WILL NOT BE A PROBLEM, trust me!)

      SUCks on the other hand is living up to it’s nickname of LIMBO U! Basketball, Football, Baseball are all in the TOILET (yes/no), while things are o.k. in Golf, Tennis, Water Polo, and Womens Swimming. You knuckleheads seem to excel in those sports available at Mummy & Dada’s Country Club, why? Very QUEER indeed, or could it have something to do with those SPECIAL ADMITS, low admission standards, and JUST PLAIN POOR LEADERSHIP at the top? (just sayin’!!!!!)
      fit on torgan women punchers!

      fit on

      • TrojanFamily

        Hey Chuckle Bucket, how about giving us a name of who UCLA will hire. Tell us you’ll leave the blog if he is not hired. Then when he isn’t, you can delete the post and claim you never made the offer. That would be a fresh take.

        • ThaiMex

          Typical Torgan strategy after you’ve just had your A$$ handed to you…….Change the topic (or run….)..cause “I’m allllllll outta bubble gum”!

          fit on torgan!

  • Golden Trojan

    How about John Gianini (La Salle) and Greg Marshall (Wich. St.), both are still playing?