UCLA-USC Fight Over Shaka Smart?

A source tells me USC is interested in Virginia Commonwealth coach Shaka Smart. USC athletic director Pat Haden attended the game two years ago when VCU defeated USC in the NCAA Tournament.

But UCLA is also reportedly interested in Smart. Which job would you chose? It seems hard to believe Smart would take USC over UCLA.

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  • SC will have to over pay! That is their only chance.

  • Chris

    Smart probably won’t leave VCU

  • Is ucla a step up from VCU these days?

    • ThaiMex

      If not….What does that say for the cesspool in South Central? Pretty pathetic.
      LIMBO….how much lower can you go?
      fit on torgan (but no punching women)!

      • TrojanFamily

        Cliches plus nonsense = trolling at the second grade level. Come on Chuckles. Stop playing with your bucket and step up. If you re going to use a racial stereotype to troll, dear God at least make “him” interesting.

  • gillyking

    One’s a hoops wannabe and the other is a hoops has been! The Trojans will pay him more. No brainer to pick USC here! Who the heck even wants to have to deal with that over expectant ucla fanbase and be tormented by all of those losers that are still living in the past days when Sam Gilbert made wooden a so called legend.
    Since ucla is now in no way a destination job, wtf, coach Kevin O’Neil is probably available and might actually be a really good fit. There’s also a lot of nice pubs in Westwood which would be tailor made for CKO.

  • John Derry

    Why not Gregg Marshall? He has over achieved at Wichita St. No different then Shaka IMO. That our just get Floyd. He wants to be here.

  • Bill

    Face it, no wants to coach there! You are no longer a football school, you never will be a basketball school, you are now a Women’s Swimming and Beach Volleyball school!

    Fright On!

    • TrojanFamily

      Bill is currently trolling at about a first grade level. He seriously needs to return to troll school before he tries again. Chin up, Buckeroo! You’ll get there.

    • TrojanFan

      Bill Bill Bill! You open your foot and the foot goes right in!

      Stick to burgers and cartoon….haha!

    • ThaiMex

      Spot on Bill, but you neglected to mention their High Profile outstanding Men’s water Polo Team! SUCks is the Santa monica college of the WEST!
      fit on torgans!

      • TrojanFamily

        SUCks? Wow, Chuckles, this is preschool trolling. At what point are you going to pull out the rubber and glue references?

      • TrojanFan

        Bucket is a fuking idiot. His life revolves around this blog 24/7. If he isn’t pumping gas he’s trolling this site

        Hey bucket, it’s Fight On!….you stupid idiot!
        83-63….please explain, I’m all ears

  • TrojanFan

    A source? Same shlt just a different pile!

  • Mark

    Haden to hire Andy Enfield from Florida Gulf Coast, fun basketball, great for fans, and Galen

  • MichiganTrojan

    This Shaka Smart stuff is totally the imaginary fancy of Scott Wolf. Not a word about this guy until tournament time, when Wolf remembered that he took VCU to the FF in 2010. If they hadn’t beaten USC he wouldn’t have even been on Wolf’s radar. C’mon, Haden is going to have casual conversations with the type of people that would speak frankly with Scott Wolf? He makes this kind of stuff up, constantly – the stuff that sticks, he reminds you about, the stuff that is internet blog board armchair guessing -er, sorry, his “source information” – which mostly fails, gets dropped immediately. Dixon was such a sure thing right? Scott talked about it since the day O’Neil was fired. We’re just beating around the Reggie Bush until Dixon gets hired – Scott sees through your phony Oxford credentials Haden!!!! Gimme a break. How about actually following the game of basketball as a reporter, talking to coaches and trying to find out what Assistant coaches are on highly respected, and would be good candidates. Shaka Smart, for instance, was an unknown assistant on Dayton before his big break. There’s dozens of intriguing candidates, but we won’t learn anything about them on this blog.

    • TrojanFamily

      I think Scott asks his sources at Heritage Hall “would you like Jamie Dixon?” The source was “sure,who wouldn’t so Scott reports Dixon on the short list. Who knows if he ever was a serious target (clearly the Pitt contract was their way of asking sure no on tried to take him). But I assure you Scott doesn’t know.

      • MichiganTrojan

        Reporters like Scott help guys like Jamie Dixon make an extra couple hundred thousand come contract talk – he can point to these stupid, totally baseless claims that schools like USC consider him “their #1 candidate” and use it as leverage.

        I mean, Scott could say Roy Williams or Billy Donovan are top targets, and “sources” have told him USC is interested in those guys, and how would you prove it wrong? But the point is that they won’t land those guys, and that’s where Scott likes to be, dwelling in the supposed failure of “expectations” that were never real in the first place. Heroic journalism. LA Daily News and New York Post and TMZ produce the best the journalism has to offer bar none.

  • WingsHD

    Hey Bucket and DementiaMex your number one sport finally fired the coach, good days at JUCLA to come. You can go back to your site now and root for your number one sport.

  • Bru-Crew_UCLA

    A whole lot of verbiage for such a simple question. A rhetorical question at best. U.C.L.A. is the mutually desired location for the Smart family.

    • TrojanFamily

      Seems like CBS’s basketball analysts disagree. They seem to think that the recent track record of firing coaches over at Berkeley’s branch despite a track record of success will make that job a lot less attractive. Better open up the checkbook if the branch campus wants a top coach.

    • TrojanFan

      Wrong blog, idiot No one around here gives a shlt what you have to say. Try the ruin blog, perhaps you’ll find some support there, if not bucket has some stale jockstraps that might work


  • ThaiMex

    The REAL Deal is…..SUCks would do ANYTHING (A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!!!!!) to have Ben Howland as their head basketball coach. You know its true! (Ben would NEVER go 1-17 in Conference)
    fit on LIMBO U!

    • WingsHD

      DementiaMex we expected more of your wisdom then that.