USC Sunday Buzz

Does Jamie Dixon’s decision to stay at Pitt impact Bob Cantu at all? USC prefers a coach with head-coaching experience so that would probably rule Cantu out, though you could argue he does have head-coaching experience after his interim stint.

The question is whether USC athletic director Pat Haden wants to wow the fans with his hire. Virginia coach Tony Bennett would certainly fire up more fans than Syracuse coach Mike Hopkins.

Haden is under the microscope right now so it will be interesting to see what USC’s next move is this week.

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  • ThaiMex

    Haden needs to show that SUCks means business and is serious about competing in the Big world of College Basketball. Galen, with all those BANNERS, and Home of the Kid’s Choice Awards (and wino urine), is a fine on campus facility. SUCk’s rich basketball tradition (Cheating, lying, punching women, SUB 500 seasons, Drunk out of control Coaches) make this Job a ONCE IN A LIFE TIME opportunity for any Basketball coach that has never (yet) been hit with sanctions by the NCAA. There’s plenty of SLEAZY types out there who would LOVE the opportunity to Lead the Basketball program (kind of like the same way Goat Boy leads the Football program!).
    I love you guy’s because you’re kind of like Miami, Oklahoma, and Ohio St. all rolled into one big SCREW UP!
    fit on torgans!