8 thoughts on “Ben Howland On USC

  1. Ben, of course, was just being kind. He’s truly a class act, UNLIKE former Torgan Womens Basketball Coach, Michael Cooper.

    It’s been kind of quiet over there across Town….anyone been arrested lately?
    fit on Women Punchers of Southern Cal!

    • Hi Mexie It’s Taco Tuesday. So I can respond to my amigo. How you bean? Your posts are dumb as ever. But I hear from top brass at McDonalds that you are keeping the restrooms spotless. Congrats hope to hear from you soon. A week is a loooooong time

      • Nubsie…do you use TrojanFamily as a second user name?
        Torgans everywhere must be proud to have you as one of their own!
        fit on Torgan Women Punchers!

    • Why don’t you post in the middle of the night any more?
      Did you move?

    • ah Torgan, the blood-red wine of the Cathars of Carcassonne… message received, Priory of Sion…

  2. Any coach with an ego who thinks he’s going to wow this University fanbase in anything but football should apply elsewhere unless you are a crazyman with bizare mannerisms… then you might get a little attention. Howland is no such creature.

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