Howland Doesn’t Rule Out USC

Former UCLA coach Ben Howland was asked today if he was interested in coaching at USC? Howland said he was interested in any high-major job.

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  • WEB_Dupree

    USC needs to watch out. Howland could be playing us like Tom Reagan played Johnny Caspar and his gang in “Miller’s Crossing”. Sure, he looks like he’s on the outs with Dan G. and the Bruins, but where do his loyalties really lie?

    Then again, every other big-name coach is giving us the high hat!

  • M. Link

    Howland needs a gig. I think he would love to come over here and beat the Bruins. With the Bruin freshmen all leaving they are screwed and tatooed for next year…

  • oh you Dummies KNOW the Chucker Bucker called this one….only i questioned Haden’s smarts…’s clear Bounce Pass follows the Cadre here on wolfman’s Blog!!!

    this sounds like a classic Don Corleone move!!! from the greatest director of all time…UCLA’s own F. Coppola!!!!

    UCLA is sending their Luca Brasi to pretend he’s on the outs with UCLA, and then uh…well Howland would never let the Turk get the drop on him like Luca did…..

  • ThaiMex

    Ben is way to CLASSY to ever end up at that Little Dump on Figueroa. He’d be PERFECT for the Head Coaching position (if it opened up) at a place like Stanford where the kids are smart enough to buy into his system and he doesn’t have to deal with all the ONE AND DONE types.
    EVERYTHING is wrong at SUCks……They would be Howlands’ very last choice.
    fit on though!

  • CheattheSystem

    If Howland and USC agree to a deal, it will be a deal of expediency. Howland will not have to move and USC will get a coach who can recruit blue-chip players, recruit in LA, and coach a team to the Conference title. With the players who have committed to play at USC, Howland may be able to do what O’Neil could not (win?). The possibility of getting Floyd 2.0 is scary as even if he was not “responsible”, the infractions happened on his watch.

    Why would Shaka Smart want to leave VCU for either school? He gets the players he wants, he has a successful program in a low-key environment and he makes a decent pocketful of change. It would be crazy for anyone to leave that situation. Same thing with Butler, La Salle, or any other Atlantic 10, ACC, or the conference formerly known as the Big East (Memphis).

    We would be best served in poaching another Pac 12 coach, contacting Ernie Kent, or luring an up and coming assistant from a powerhouse program (Duke, Kansas, Ohio State, etc…)